Wednesday, October 14, 2015

When A Horse Girl Gets The Flu...

Day one: play with dogs and take fun sunrise pictures. Feel a little like crap in the morning, so much like crap in the afternoon that the 2 hour drive home is borderline dangerous.


 Day two: crash hard at home. Cuddle with animals and watch tv while rocking a high fever and all the attendant awesome. Call in to work and don't even try to go to the barn.

bonus dog loves sick days

Trogdor loves broth


Day three: arbitrarily decide to be better. Go to work until your head hurts so much that you can't concentrate, then head to the barn. Have an unfortunate incident on the freeway, but high five yourself for also having an emergency kit so you can fix it yourself.

Lunge horse.

Overdo it.

 Make self more sick.
gummy bear duct tape ftw

not bad, eh?

And repeat.


  1. Barn whilst sick? #hardcore nonhorsey peeps don't even understand

  2. This sounds crazily like my life right now, minus the highway incident. I am so sorry you're sick!! Now ...back to bed for me.

  3. There's a different standard for "too sick to go to work" and "too sick to go to the barn." Everyone knows this.

    Feel better soon... I can feel a nasty head cold coming on myself and I'm just ignoring it.

  4. I'm holding down t he sofa as well, may have overdone it a bit today when I had a brief moment of "oh I feel better!" Hubby has already strongly suggested horses might not be the best idea tomorrow...

  5. Us horse girls, we are not so bright when it comes to being sick. Maybe someday we will learn. Maybe.

  6. Ugh, truth. Ponies and puppies and kittens definitely help the process.

  7. Ugh boo, feel better soon! :( meanwhile your kitten is adorable and courage looks fab on the lunge!


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