Monday, November 30, 2015


sick enough to think this was a good pic. can't explain.
Holla everyone. I'd say happy Monday, but I'm only halfway through my coffee and I blew through my Black Friday wad already, so less celebrating and more crossing-fingers-cyber-monday-kinda-sucks.

Anyways. I'm still sick (wtf body), the temperatures are single digit lows with teens/low 20s highs, and my world is covered in snow and ice. Actually, maybe my body is on to something. Let's hibernate!


More importantly, the ridiculous and stupid weather has meant one thing: INDOOOOOOORS. No kidding y'all. This is why I put up with crazy people and board at a busy barn. Almost no one else comes out to ride with a RealFeel of 9f, so Courage and I are putting in the time.

Due to the whole sick-cold-medication thing, I have been lunging Courage some to make sure I don't die. 

I'm feeling the black and teal. And Martingale. <3 martingale.
Don't let me fool you either: I don't think I've cantered in a week or ten days at this point. Instead, we're working on working through tension, creating swing, and coming back to me after he spooks out of his skin at that divot in the sand (yes, again. it's scary EVERY TIME. i need to remember to kick dirt over it today.)

It's not glamorous, but these are the building blocks I need to put in place to make first level a reality next year.

my new obsession
So. Gold star if you survived the first round of holidays, the deep freeze, or this post. I'm excited to be back in the routine, so we can do stuff like learn how to wrap these:

And other fun things.


  1. RealFeel of 9? You crazy. I barely made it out to ride when it was 40 and drizzling.

  2. 9f??? You are crazy. I won't ride if it's under 20f. And now that I am indoor less that might go up a bit :/

    Hope you get to feeling better.

  3. Aw, girl. You're speaking my language. I love days at the barn when it's so cold that the barn manager and I are the only ones out. Aw yeah! Bring it on winter!! (Oh right. I'm in DC, and it's been 60 degrees so long I think it might stay that temperature into infinity. Gross.)

    I really have the grabby hands for those wrap liners. Where did you get yours?

    1. We randomly picked up two more adult ammies that know my secret to winter riding, but they're nice and can steer, so life is good.

      This set of liners was a steal off of facebook. And yes, that means I now have two full sets.

  4. welcome back to the land of the living! tho i get a little sad when the barn suddenly becomes desolate and deserted with winter...

  5. So sorry you're sick... And I hear ya on the cold weather. Below zero this morning! ugh!

  6. I bow to your superior barn-attending skills. I braved a little hail and 50F today and was proud of myself.

  7. What is this deep freeze, and have you secretly told my horse he's getting one?


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