Friday, November 6, 2015

Help Me Choose!!

Our show season is wrapped up and indoor riding with corresponding crappy dark pics/video is starting any moment now. I'm going back through the highlights of the year in pictures and trying to pick a few of my absolute favorite shots that really summarize what we did this year so I can print them out and frame them.

I'm lucky enough to have a lot of talented friends with cameras, so instead of choosing best of the worst, I'm narrowing down "all the awesome" to "what I can actually afford to frame/have space for". I've narrowed them down to "jumping", "dressage". and "candids". I'm trying to pick one from each.

So. Enjoy the pretty pictures and let me know what you'd choose and why.

First off, I already have prints of these two:
pretending we xc

because we're just cute

Now to pick one from each category:

i love this picture

also this one

and this

so fancy
looking cool
his beck looks big!
our first test this year!
field dressage
home dressage

And Candids:
unforgettable, unfortunately(?)
he's special


 How do I even choose? Help!

PS if you can't live without a sweet cartoon of your horse by Alyssa, she's finally ready to produce them. Check it out!!


  1. Jumping - 2 dressage - 1 candid - ALL the candids!!!

  2. I always have a difficult time choosing photos as well... so I end up focusing on the moments I want to remember, rather than which one might be the best photo. Maybe that can help you narrow them down some too.

    That being said, I really LOVE dressage 1... and also jumping 1.

  3. Jumping 2, field dressage, and that lovely picture of his face - candid 3. That's the picture I always wanted of Mikey.

  4. Cartoon Courage definitely needs a frame! I LOVE the dressage picture of you patting him in the halt, and the jumping over the red blocky things. :)

  5. zomg.... so many great choices!!! really ya can't go wrong. if i were choosing, i'd pick: first jumping pic (love his expression! but would choose the jump with red fill second); either the first dressage or the field dressage pic (love the red barn in the home dressage pic too, but his face is kinda obscured); and 'special' candid.

  6. Jumping: 2nd picture, Dressage: First and Last pictures, Candids: ALL OF THEM!

  7. I can't choose a jumping one. I really like the first dressage picture. And of course, THE FACE is a great one. I am not terribly helpful, but I can help you find frames!

  8. jumping pic 2
    dressage in field or dressage at home
    he's special candid.
    So many great pictures this year, I see why it's so hard to choose!

  9. So many good photos. I need a photographer friend! What about getting one of those wall frames with all the tiny cutouts and printing most of them and making a collage, sort of?

  10. I adore the candid of him with his face tilted and smiling. Hilarious.

  11. 2nd, last and 2nd! All are cute though!

  12. The first one of both the jumping and the dressage and ALL the candids.

  13. Can I just give a small suggestion here?

    Screw picking one of each.

    Why not use all of them and make a calendar???? Hello!!!!

    You can look at your badass awesomness all year long that way. I think you can print it thru Staples or Office Depot for a small fee. I'm thinking less than $20

    1. Oh and since there are 13 pictures, one of them could be a 'Cover Shot'. I like the last one for that.

  14. I vote just print like thirty different sizes of the sideways Courage head and be done with it. You can't go wrong there.

    1. Even better, get it reproduced as wallpaper or jamberrys. I would buy the shit out of those jams.

  15. #2, dressage at home, and all of the candids.

  16. Jumping 1
    dressage 2
    candid definite 2

  17. So many to choose from. I love the dressage in the arena, jumping 1 and candid 2&3. Sorry, thats kinda cheating. :)

  18. I love them all. Print them all, or make a calendar of them!


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