Monday, February 22, 2016

Blog Hop: The Little Things

Amanda asks this week "what are those little things that make your horse special?"

It's really funny timing--I've been having a bunch of those weird "all the feels" moments about Courage lately, so here's a collection of things I love about my little guy.

He's the vainest horse I've ever met. People love this picture. They don't realize that I could take it EVERY SINGLE DAY because that is how much he loves looking at himself.

He's so opinionated. Courage will never go silently into the night about ANYTHING. Ever. Whether it's the feel of dirt under his feet or the desire for cookies right now, he doesn't so much wear his heart on his sleeve as get it a permanent address there.

He specializes in posing dramatically. Not even kidding. This is what he thinks spooking is. People wonder why I always have kickass pictures of him, and this is it. Left to his own devices, all he wants to do is model.

He's very brave. He will spook at things, but he'd really rather march up, stick his nose on it, and find out if it's food. Or if it can be made to provide food. And if it's like this yoga ball and does neither, he cannot be persuaded to continue being interested in it. (No seriously after I took this, he walked to the gate and begged cookies off another boarder).

He's so helpless. A California horse to his very core, he has no idea how to survive without people handing him everything. Or even that it's possible. Or that anyone would want to do it. I got this shot when he decided to leave the wash rack (that he can't be tied in because reasons), but then stepped on his own lead rope and waited for me to save him. Because obviously.

He positively oozes personality. While he's no safe steady eddy (most of the time) and he drives me crazy (usually), everyone who meets him loves him. He's very interactive and adorable and hilarious. Even non-horse people usually end up laughing at his NOTICE ME HELLO antics and puffed-up self image.

He's turning in to a really fun partner under saddle and that's great. It's his personality that first attracted me and he still makes me laugh every single day.


  1. Pig also excels at posing dramatically. It is the best. :)

  2. I love the dramatic posing! And he is handsome, so he should always check himself out in the mirror. Plus his modeling skills probably bought him some more tolerance in some other departments ;)

  3. The ones with big personalities are the most special (& obnoxious, but you can't have everything now can you? LOL!)

  4. <3 I love this write up! What a goofy boy.

  5. d'awww Courage haha. at least he knows what he likes!!

  6. He sounds like quite the character! Every barn needs one:) how old is he??

    1. He's 11 this year. No plans to grow up any time soon. ;-)

  7. You do such a good job writing about him that I totally get his personality, and I love it.

  8. I love the horses with the big personalities. They are the best kind.

  9. I absolutely love being able to laugh with and at my horse. It is the best.

  10. Gotta love a horse with opinions!


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