Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Look Back

that look when I photograph someone other than him

 It's hard to get excited about people rehab. I hurt a lot, I ride badly, my horse is being a saint but nothing overly photogenic or inspiring is happening. I struggled with how to make "I toodled for twenty minutes and then I laid on my couch the rest of the day" more interesting and then Teresa pointed out I haven't done a progress post in ages.

So blame her.

Here's Courage in March of 2015.
first clinic!
We'd just started out in dressage. I think we were still planning to go back to jumping at this point. This was a very good moment for us--"put head down" was pretty earth-shattering at this point. I'm in my first dressage saddle and I I'm all set for one hell of a rough year, but I don't know it yet.

Let's skip ahead a whole year to March 2016.
so warm!
In spring 2016, we had a successful year of training level outings under our belts and were thinking about first level. My position is better and Courage is covering more ground, but we were definitely at the point of soft-or-forward, balanced-or-sideways. ie, not really ready for first level.

It's technically not March 2017 until tomorrow, but I didn't think of that until just now, so you get a February 2017 picture for this year.
This is definitely not the spring I was planning--winter was brutal and I'm coming back from an injury. I've been pretty bummed about our lack of brilliance under saddle, but even just comparing this shot to last year at this time, I guess I still see progress. From the hips down, my position is ok. Not great, but ok. My hands are actually better--less camped out on the horse and more semi doing something. We won't talk about my neck and back cuz they're angry.

Even with a lackluster ride though, look at Courage. OMG LOOK AT HIM. This is his under-powered-take-care-of-injured-mom baby trot and he's killing it over there. I can't ride his good trot right now (or let's be real, ask for it), but his work on the lunge line shows me he's developed a moment of suspension, which is a whole new world for us.
 So yeah. I'm not thrilled with where I'm at right now. Most of this past winter is a blur of prescription drugs and Netflix marathons, but you know what?

We're getting somewhere.
this is not me but i took this picture on my phone and kinda love it


  1. Poor C, that first picture is the equivalent of a tabloid picture. He looks so beefy now.

    1. I should have saved all the ones he kept sticking his nose in like WHOS THE STAR DAMMIT.

  2. Learning to relax in the first picture. Learning to lift the base of the neck in the second picture. Putting it all together at the end. That's great--progress is progress whether it's fast or slow.

  3. I heart <3 progress posts, even if they end up following a path nobody anticipated. Boo injuries.

  4. I know being in the middle of the rehab is no fun, but in a year you'll be able to look back at this time period and smile at how much farther you are!

    1. I feel like this is saying "everything works together for good" at a funeral.

  5. How relaxed and comfy does HE look! Patience is the name of the game, right? Also, the name of the thing I don't have. I'm right there with you...


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