Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New Faces, Old Problems

say hello to Bowie
I continue taking advantage of opportunities to sit on horses. Part of that is to broaden my skills as a rider. Part is because I want to suss out if I'm missing out on something in terms of horses. I mean. I know Courage isn't the easiest, but I need to know for me what I'm ok with. 

I'm learning a lot right now--for example, as much as I don't think Courage is an "ideal" rehab horse, other options aren't necessarily better. Courage is very much a horse where you need to sit still and stay out of his way. He's not a big mover and his back doesn't swing a lot naturally. 
and he really loves the velcro game his auntie taught him

It's not ideal for dressage. 


I think I got back to riding much more quickly because of it. The horse I sat on yesterday was a big-moving (for me, not compared to "big movement" horses) young warmblood gelding. And like. When said big, loose-moving horse loses his shit, it is very lost. VERY. Oh and also said horse is super quiet and normally totally fine, but horses are horses and sometimes you just have to run and buck and leap and spook like an idiot. Because horse.
and then i ride like a super defensive monkey

So it's not only a gauge of "what do I want to do" but also a range of "what nope responses am I okay with". 

Courage is a known quantity to me. I know he can't buck for shit. I know he'll bolt if he's scared, but I also know he's not a dick about it and he'll try to warn me first. He's not a spook. He doesn't spin (usually). I'm okay with those things (unless it's a show warm up in an open field by the road. Long story.) 
plus totes adorbs

Other horses certainly have less dramatic responses. The two lovely mares I rode were more like "ehhhhh I put my head up and nooooooo" and less "LEAVING NAOW BAI". That was a nice switch, but conversely, they were a lot more physical to ride. Which is not a bad thing. It's just a thing that rehab girl here has to think about.
oh no! she's a bit curled! 

I'm definitely becoming a better, more aware rider because of the opportunities I have right now. I'm incredibly grateful that I've gotten to sit on some legitimately nice horses and ride through my issues. 

And hours after my lesson, I'm sitting here trying to convince my back it doesn't have to be pissed about the big horse.  

It doesn't believe me. 


  1. So I got on 14.3 Izzy a few weeks back after months of only 17h Charlie. And was like, good god this thing is moving!!! So lol... Yea I definitely know what you mean about feeling a little more at sea about a less familiar and bigger moving horse! Hope your back chills soon! Also still glad you're getting these opportunities

    1. I'm loving the opportunity to sit on so many different types of horses--I've done it before but that level of feel fades if I don't use it. It's making me so much more aware of how I ride.

  2. You stole my GIF 😂

    I think it's great that your having a chance to explore all the other horses and broadening your skills.

  3. Every horse is so different, and it's really all about what YOU like and what YOU can handle... no on else.

    1. Exactly. I could probably write a whole series on how important that is to being an adult ammy.

  4. I totally feel ya about different problems. I'm temporarily taking some H/J lessons on a slow moving gelding. I've sometimes wondered whether I would do better on a horse less hot and sensitive than Kachina, but right now I'm really appreciating that once you ask for forward with her she stays forward. I get a lot less tired riding her than this lesson gelding. I think there's very few perfect horses (if any, and they are $$$), for a lot of things it boils down to the devil you know and understand vs the devil you don't.

    1. There are definitely pluses and minuses to all types. The common thread is that really nice horses, regardless of type, have a lot of quality, patient training by good horsemen. ;-)

  5. It's funny how when you KNOW what might be coming it's not that worrisome, but when you don't know... Ugh, angst.
    Jamp is a bolter. He only goes about 2 strides and it's usually more or less over. But he takes off really fast! Romey however, I don't really know what his thing is because we haven't pushed enough buttons to find out. I think there might be a rear in there, and it kind of terrifies me to find out.
    I think my next horse will be half dead. Too old to do any of that, and when it wants to say no, it will just sigh deeply and do it anyway. Ahhh dream horse...

    1. Haha right? My trainer was standing right there like HES NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING but I just couldn't relax. Maybe next time.

  6. It's like they say. The evil you know is sometimes better than the one you don't.


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