Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to Basics

I hauled out my lovely dressage saddle today and put Izzy to work. I mostly did this because I know that if I'd ridden dressage in my jump saddle, our session would have ended with jumping, which wasn't the point of today. I'm only disciplined to a certain point. ;-)

The ride was frustrating. Izzy wasn't "bad", but she wouldn't give me an inch. I'm sure you've all had those days--you ask for something and the horse just doesn't do it. She doesn't do something naughty; she just ignores you. Grr. I was fairly pleased with how I handled it. Specifically, we were working on stretching down into the contact. Izzy isn't a big fan of contact. I'd ask her to stretch down and she just wouldn't. I'd take her back to walk and ask, and then she would, eventually. Basically, what I was doing wasn't working, so I was able to incorporate what I learned in the last clinic and change the way I was asking.

See, when I write it down, it sounds like a good day. It was just really frustrating in the moment because she was making me work pretty hard.


Then I turned her loose in the round pen to roll. She did that quite merrily, then trotted around ignoring me. I was a bit aggravated, so I picked up a lunge whip and off she went. She galloped around the round pen for probably 15 minutes. Clearly, we did not do enough dressage.

When I finally recaptured her, she was soaked in sweat, but pretty quiet. I tied her up and hosed her off several times. Usually she fusses, but I think that today, she admitted defeat.

Izzy 1, Aimee 1

Check back tomorrow for the rematch.


  1. I tried jumping in my dressage saddle once. It wasn't good. I'm not much of a jumper to begin with, so you can imagine how that went ;)

    You're making really good progress with Izzy! It's frustrating sometimes (or a lot of times) but that just adds to the fun. If it were easy it would be boring.

    Good luck with the rematch!

  2. Some days just don't work as well as others. Chalk it up to "one of those days."

    At least you came out with a tie score! *G*


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