Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sigh of Relief

Izzy got her new shoes on yesterday. I would have taken a picture for you all, but it was about 100f and I was really hot and sunburned. Still, all went well. I was really pleased with the farrier. He was intelligent, experienced, gentle, and really inexpensive. I mean, he didn't have to trim or anything, but he just charged me $25 to put from shoes on. And he used nice shoes.

Color me impressed.

I trotted Izzy (loose) around the round pen after she got her shoes on and she was totally sound. It was beautiful to see.

This morning, my legs were way too sunburned to ride comfortably (or at all), so I turned Izzy loose in the arena. It was so fun to watch her. She started out trotting tentatively, then she started to canter a little, then she seemed to realize that it wasn't going to hurt, and she rocketed down the arena fence. It felt so good to see her really push forward and run isntead of holding herself back to spare her ouchie feet.

Here's hoping for a ride tomorrow. :-)

Here's a picture of Izzy modeling her new Eskadron duds.


  1. That's great news - so glad all went well and she's feeling better. If her feet are more comfortable, that may reduce a lot of troublesome behaviors.

  2. I love watching horses rocket around! it is so gorgeous, like that's what they were made to do. I'm psyched for you and your farrier. I've heard so many terrible farrier stories (mostly in terms of $$) that we who have good ones are so lucky!

  3. Great news about the shoes. That's about 1/3 of what it costs me to have one of my Boys done, so it's a darn good deal from my viewpoint. Glad Izzy liked the shoes. Look out...forward!! *G*


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