Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moving On

We had a ride in a dressage clinic this morning. It was vastly better than last time we tried to do that, which was complete with rearing, bucking, leaping, and spinning. No, today was much quieter and more relaxed. I guess I was just hoping that we'd be farther along. I need to remind myself that Izzy pretty much had the month off while we figured out the ulcer problems and the shoeing problems and then the confidence problems....

Really though. It was somewhat disappointing. It did get better as we went along, but where we ended is sort of where I thought we'd be starting. Oh, and the clinician thinks that Izzy is still a little off. I don't feel it or see it and she did work out of it, so I don't know what to make of that.

Off to work on actively stretching down in my head...


  1. Sounds to me like a lot of progress - just not as fast as you might have liked - but go on from where you are - you're in a pretty good place with her now as her physical problems get resolved, and your confidence in her behavior increases. Active stretching down . . .

  2. I'd say that not rearing, leaping, spinning and bucking is a lot further along than last time! It takes forever to get the basics down correctly, but once they're there you'll be suprised how quickly you progress. Patience is a virtue. It's not one of mine, but I like to say that anyway. ;)

  3. I know it's hard not to be dissapointed when you don't achieve the goals you've set for yourself in a lesson, clinic, or even just an every-day ride -- but, like the other posters pointed out, Izzy has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past few months. Remember, training is never a straight trajectory; you're constantly going forward and, yes, unfortunately taking a few steps backwards. As long as you're slowly and steadily progressing, you're doing well.

  4. A poker run is just about like what it sounds. You play a hand of poker while riding. You have to stop at different stations to get your the end of the hand who ever has the best wins. You get a prize...there is also a prize for the worst It is usually a 4-5 mile ride.

  5. I'd consider not leaping around and bucking major progress. It surely would be with my boy, Tucker. *G* As for the "little off" there might still be some residual sensitivity from the shoeless days. It does take a while for the soles to toughen up if there's been some bruising.

    Have a little patience with your girl. Every horse I've ever had has its own "learning curve" as far as schooling goes. One day you'll go out to ride and Izzy will remember everything you've tried to teach her as if she's been doing it all her life. It's just a matter of her brain and body syncing up....along with yours, of course.

  6. You will eventually get there, even if it isn't as quickly as you hoped. I am dealing with the whole issue of having patience too. Take comfort in knowing you are not alone.

    Enjoy the ride. Watch the scenery on your journey. It makes it all more enjoyable as you get there. It's what I am trying to do.

    Besides, if you start out at the top of the ladder- where else can you go?


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