Thursday, July 1, 2010

Follow Up

Thanks for your comments, everyone. I'll look in to them as soon as I get a chance. I did get out yesterday and turned Izzy out to play in the arena, which she enjoyed. I couldn't turn her out today because someone was riding, but I did lunge her, and she was so quiet that I hopped on bareback. I didn't have my whip, so she was super lazy, but it was nice just to kind of hang out with her and walk around.

Can I just re-emphasize how nice it is to have my amazing, sane, and beautiful horse back? I missed her.

PS Am I crazy for looking at hunter bridles for my prospective EVENT horse? I don't know what it is about the hunters that keeps calling my name. I blame Marissa and Tucker just a little bit.


  1. I used to love riding the hunters. But, then I went to my first event. Suddenly my day was scheduled. I knew exactly when the dressage was, when my cross country ride began, and when the stadium rounds started. I was hooked. No more sitting around all day waiting for a class to be called, or jockeying for starting order with trainers who brought six horses to shove in front of me. Eventually, after a crash or two, I gave up the jumping and headed for the dressage competitions where the clock always told me when to get there and when I needed to be ready to ride. (I've been back to one or two hunter type shows since and my patience was totally tried....not for me!!)

  2. Aw, we will GLADLY take the blame if we manage to lure you over to the dark side of hunter princess land. Personally I think Izzy would be fabulous at that job, though I'm sure she'll love eventing too. As for the appeal of hunter bridles... they are so pretty, so brown, so fancy-stitched, how can a girl resist?

  3. YAYYYYY Hunters!
    And all you eventers keep edging me toward dressage (BC I don't have the balls for jumpers or XC)...

  4. PS Am I crazy for looking at hunter bridles for my prospective EVENT horse?

    Have you checked out then? Another blogger turned me on to that. Just as I am searching for a bridle to fit my WB mare... I could almost clobber her one for that. If it wasn't for the fact that I need one.


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