Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun Times Are Here Again

Here's to two days and two good rides. We haven't done anything harder than caner over a ground pole (focusing on straightness, relaxation, and of course, not stepping on the pole), but it's been amazing. I have my horse back. She's quiet, forward, silly, and fun. I'm finally enjoying riding again.

Maybe I'll even take pictures to share. ;-)

I'm really enjoying the Exkadron Climatex bandages I picked up. I like putting something on Izzy's legs, especially with her new shoes on because she's not always the most graceful thing and I want some protection. However, we do live in a hot climate and I don't want to overheat her legs and cause tissue damage. I do try to take precautions; I ride early in the morning or late in the evening when it's cooler, I don't ride for too long, and I always hose Izzy off when we're done (and then scrape her off, etc).

So. Climatex. As I mentioned, I got a pair on a really good sale. I tried them on Izzy last night for the first time. It took me a couple tries to get the hang of wrapping them and making them look even, since I'm kind of a nut about that. I rode somewhat lightly, got off, and her legs were dry. Not damp. Dry. I used them again this morning. We rode quite a bit harder, since it was cooler. This time, her legs were slightly damp, but still nothing compared to conventional polos and boots. I'm hooked. I bought a second pair to play with. My next experiment will be to use one conventional polo and one climatex to compare results. It will be funny looking, though. My conventional polos are royal blue and white. My new ones are black. :-)


  1. So glad everything's going much better! I need to look into the Climatexes.

  2. Sounds as if things are looking up at last. The shoes and the ulcer meds seem to be doing the trick. Glad to hear Izzy is a happy camper.


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