Friday, September 24, 2010

Dressage Pony

Izzy was quite good today. We've been playing with the dressage saddle this week, and I think I'm finally getting re-adjusted to it. I'm really enjoying to total security I feel in it and Izzy is super comfortable with it. (I still have my Ansur Classic.) It took me a while to get used to my dressage-length leg again, but it's fun.

I''ve been focusing on sitting up, keeping my thumbs up, and having a straight line from my elbow to the bit. I'm also trying to ride with my reins a little shorter, since I have the dumb habit of keeping my hands in my lap. Izzy is responding really well. She's starting to understand what I want, so every couple of laps around the arena, we have some really nice strides. Then one or the other of us falls apart and it takes a few more laps to get better again.

We finished up by wandering around the property--around the outside of the arena, out through the field, up the hill at the trot a few times, and a few times walking over the little ditch we found. It's really fun, but we're getting to the point where Izzy isn't all that interested in it, either.

Today, I'm excited to move. I'm really, really tired of constantly having to do extra stuff (or being a jerk and saying no) and I'm realizing that the best and easiest possible way to make a break is just to move on. Maybe I'm just crabby, but I'm ready for a change today.
Another old picture, but how cute is that face?


  1. She is pretty cute. I think that's some sort of evolutionary adaptation. They do something really awful, then they give us that "I'm too cute for you to be mad" look. Saves them every time!

    I just got royally chewed out by my trainer about my rein length. It's so easy to have them too long, but it isn't better. The horse needs a comfortable place to go, if your reins are too long you aren't providing that. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. You are both going to be happy in the new place. The change will do you good and Izzy will have time outside to "just be a horse."

    Learning how to keep the right contact with the reins is a tricky business, especially with a green horse not yet fully established "on the bit." Sounds as if you and Izzy are making some good progress.

  3. New place sounds like a good idea - love the cute face!

  4. I think the new place is going to be great! And once all the new things are settled, you won't even be giving them a second thought. Sometimes feeling new is a great feeling because it is so fleeting--you hardly ever have those feelings... I hope you can relish it in some small way. I for one cannot wait to hear about adventures in the new place!


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