Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mixed Emotions

It's been a weird week. It's September 23 as I'm writing this and in one week, Izzy and I will be moving to the new barn. My entire riding career has been with Cathy, so this is a huge switch for me. I know it's the right thing to do for my horse and my life right now, but I'm not always sure emotionally. I mean, I've been with Cathy since I was 9. I probably spent as much time at her house as I did at my own when I was in highschool. We're still friends and will remain so, but it's going to be really different to go to the barn and not have her there.

I talked with Irie's mom this morning--she's good friends with K and will drive us out there next Friday, which is fabulous and wonderful. Even more than that though, it was good to just be able to talk to someone who understands where I'm at. She's also really practical and knows just as well as I do that Izzy NEEDS pasture and is an entirely different horse with it. I'm feeling better about my decision now.

Still, a new boarding situation means I have to make a whole bunch of decisions I never really worried about before. I have my own farrier and chiro, so that's established, but I need little things like a rodent-proof grain container. Since I'll be buying my own grain, I need to decide what to get and figure out how much to feed. Izzy has been on Gastroshield for her ulcers. That's fine, but I'm kind of wanting to go the smartpak route since I won't have to go to the store all the time and they don't carry it. Can I switch to Ugard? I don't know. (If you have input, by all means, share.) Still, most of my questions are fairly unimportant things, I just have to do them.

I will say that through this process of really taking ownership over Izzy's well being, I feel so much more connected with her than I ever did before. It's not that anything is really different between us, just that I think I've realized how much she really does mean to me. She's not just the horse I have, she's the horse I've always wanted and wouldn't give up for the world.
This is from last year, but I love it.


  1. Stay tuned for a very similar post on my blog... change is always unsettling. Transitions are the hardest part (in riding and in life)! You'll get through it though, and I think you're doing what's best for Izzy, which will make you feel good. As for the Smartpaks, I highly recommend them. If you aren't showing at rated shows right now, SmartGut is a fabulous supplement for ulcer treatment and Tucker did really well on it. I recently discovered, however, that licorice (a SmartGut ingredient) is a USEF banned substance, so I have switched Tucker to a combination of SmartDigest and U-Gard, which gives him all the same active ingredients except for Cellulose, which from what I understand wouldn't really do much for him in stabilized form anyway. I like U-Gard, but it doesn't have pre/probiotics, which I think is important for healthy digestion. I'm kind of a supplement freak and have done all kinds of comparisons so email me if you have more specific questions!

  2. Oh and I forgot to mention... I really love what you said about Izzy in your last paragraph. I know just how you feel. It's the moment when you realize you'd do anything for them.

  3. I had to come to similar crossroads last year when I had to put G's needs first and go from free board with a friend to paying to board him at a facility. It was tough for a multitude of reasons but ultimately it was what was best for G. You'll get through. I realized the same thing about G-- he isn't the horse I bought to try to show and sell any more, he's the horse I want to be around for ALL of the changes that life will ultimately throw at us for the next 25yrs. Youre doing right by both yourself and him. Good Luck! you will be fabulous!

  4. I love your last comment too. In looking at her and reading about her it is evident you have a very special horse. She's a stunning black Oldenburg who you have a blast with - Wow!

  5. You will be closer to Izzy when you have such a hand in her care. Don't know what feeds you have in your area stores, but I can recommend Purina Healthy Edge as a low carb, high fat feed in an easily digested pellet. Sweet feeds are OK, but I've often found undigested corn and grains in my Boys' manure, so I much prefer the pelleted feeds.

  6. Marissa said a lot of what I would say. =)

    You could try the Ugard after she's in her new place a while and adjusted, and see if she seems the same (or better). Her ulcers SHOULD get better with the better turnout (and probably a happier you! Working where you board is kind of rough). I have had great success with SmartGut as well. I also did the omeprazole 12 hours before trailer and a few days after for an ulcery sort, and it did wonders.

    Looking forward to your new barn!! It sounds so ideal...

  7. Just want to say that your new barn...seems amazing and I cant wait to see pictures!!!!!
    Also, Marissa said some great advice. I too, agree with Bif, that with time, proper care and turnout, you may see those ulcers clear up for Izzy as she adjusts to her new life of pasture time :)


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