Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Most Novel Thing Ever

I still have a full two weeks left as an official barn worker, but Cathy is starting to find people to take morning slots. That means that today when I showed up, some other nice girl was cleaning.

That's right folks--for the first time in ages, I was able to show up, not feed, not clean, and just mess with my horse. The only way it would have been more amazing is if Izzy was actually getting turnout, so she wouldn't act like a total nut the first half hour we're together. Sigh... can't win 'em all.

I scouted out and emailed two more facilities. No word back yet... If I don't hear anything soon, I'll try calling. I actually don't mind talking on the phone; I just hate the calling process... weird neurosis I guess.

Anyways. As I said, Izzy was a nut. I did my best to really just focus on what she and I were doing and ignore the silliness. It worked reasonably well. When she finally relaxed, we went out of the arena and wandered around the big field that there's eventually supposed to be a subdivision in. I hopped off in a patch of grass and let Izzy graze. We're making progress, I think. We're even supposed to have a lesson tomorrow.


  1. I used to have a real thing about making phone calls too. Just remind yourself why you are making the call, and what you are hoping to achieve. Nowadays, I just have a passionate dislike of the speech recognition software used to answer phone calls. A nightmare when you have a speech impediment as I do. You have already stepped out of your comfort zone. Think of how much better your life and the life of your horse will be when everything is done and settled.

  2. Just take a deep breath and dial. Remember, it's for Izzy, not you.

    So sorry about the silly, but that's what happens without adequate turnout. As I've said, that has always been a priority for my horses...except they have been taking a bit too much turnout lately. *G*


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