Monday, September 27, 2010

Progress! (Again)

I had a lovely ride on Izzy this morning. We've been doing some concentrated dressage work lately and I think it's really paying off. Jimmy Wofford told us that there are three keys to dressage: position, position, and position, so I'm really focusing there.

I try to think about draping my legs around Izzy's barrel and really relaxing in to that feeling. I keep my shoulders back, my hands up and together, and stretch my chest up to keep my upper body from collapsing.


What a difference. We had good moments last time I rode her, but this time, we had actual stretches that were good. It's amazing--when I give her a steady contact and ride into it, she accepts it, pushes from behind, and even carries herself a little. We have a long ways to go even to get to first level, but it's just so much progress from where we were that I feel a little blown away.

Moving day is coming up quickly. Cathy already has another training horse coming in to take Izzy's spot, which is fabulous for her. I bought Izzy a rodent-proof grain bin yesterday and a bag of the senior feed she's used to. I know Frizzle talked about switching to something else (maybe because it was low starch?). I'll have to look into that. I took Marissa's advice on smartpaks and I think we're almost ready to move... Am I missing anything? Big day is Friday.


  1. Sounds good to me! Didn't realize how soon the month was ending. Can't think of anything else you need....

  2. Yay progress! Isn't it amazing how much our position changes them, given that they are so big and we are so small? Good choice on the smartpaks, it's worth the peace of mind. Are you just doing the U-Gard?

  3. Isn't that a great feeling when things start to click? Better than any drug! Congratulations.

  4. Marissa--I'm doing the ugard and the other thing you recommended. Smartdigest? Sorry, blank mind at the end of the day.


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