Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My head is almost literally spinning right now. This week is nuts. Last week was more nuts. I'm hoping for a slower pace next week. I think I have all Izzy's stuff squared away--feed, feed bin, coggins picked up, mane pulled and leg washed (not required but looks better), tack locker mostly cleaned out... I just need to go out to the new place and take Izzy's stuff with me to get her set up Thursday and then bring her out (with some transitional hay) on Friday. Also finish cleaning out my tack locker. And probably wash my saddle pads.

First impressions, right? I wouldn't want the new barn to think I ride with MILDLY DIRTY SADDLE PADS!! (gasp!)

Not that anyone would care. In fact, it's mostly an adult facility and I ride in the mornings, so odds are that I'll have the place to myself. Still. It's like clean underwear. You always wear it so that if you get in an accident, the EMTs won't think you wore dirty stuff.


Oh... back to the to-do list of real life. That's the head-spinning part.


  1. Good luck with the move! (I'm a fanatic about clean saddle pads, but then my husband mostly does the laundry - and complains about the horse hair!).

  2. I'm getting excited for you! Totally agree about having to be presentable! Even at home I try and be presentable with the horses at all times - you never know who might drive past!!!!!

  3. OK, I am hoping that this comment makes it through, because the last few have been eaten by the interwebz -- so frustrating!!
    But, yes, clean saddle pads and clean underwear are quite important. I take it a step further, though, because I am a bit OCD. And if some hot EMT is working on me, I want to make sure I have brushed teeth, shaved legs, polished toe-nails...yep, I'm a bit of a nut. ;-P
    Good luck with the move! Yesterday, part of my comment was asking whether or not you need to provide water buckets or 8-quart buckets for feed preparation or salt/minerals for the stall.
    Good luck with the move!

  4. i am not so good about clean... but I applaud those who are! I have never really though about the EMT scenario though! Hope things settle down for you! Moves are always stressful. :)

  5. A new home for your horse is always exciting. Nice to make a good impression, but I think Izzy's overall condition speaks for itself. She looks wonderful--a tribute to your care.

  6. Frizzle--They have automatic waterers that are well-maintained. I do have to prepare my own feed, but they will feed it. They provide salt and mineral blocks for the horses.

    ;-) Not sure if I'm ready to take the leap and feed them loose like you did.


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