Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dressage Bridles

I am contemplating selling my current dressage bridle (which is pretty) to get one that is amazing. Nothing is set in stone yet.

Sooo... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. (You may have to be signed in to facebook to see it.) The only problem is that the model has been discontinued and I'm too late to the party to get one new. I have tracked down a used version that is reasonably priced, but it's in oversize. Not sure if we can swing that.

I also like this one. (No need for facebook.) It's not as elaborate, but it's pretty and quality and (best of all!) on sale.

However, the new line of bridles launches in late February, I think. They will be re-releasing the bridle I like, but it's hard to know how that will go. On the one hand, they might make it more awesome. On the other hand, it might suck. I generally just like original versions of things. I can always just cross my fingers and hope that one in the model I like comes available in the correct size, but let's face it: quality bridles are rarely sold used.



  1. I'm not a dressage person so my opinion probably doesn't mean much lol, but I think the 2nd one looks really sharp :)

  2. I like them both. The only thing that would concern me is how long is the white stitching going to stay white?
    I could go cazy with bridles though if I had the money! :)

  3. Even though I am a person who usually goes for the plainest, I do love the first bridle. It's just too good to pass up. It makes a real statement, and it looks excellent. I hope Izzy gets that one!

  4. I think the first bridle will look awesome on Izzy :)

  5. You can always dress up the plainer bridle with a fancy browband.

  6. I'm impossibly conservative when it comes to tack, so I like the second one, it's classic and beautiful. The first one is also pretty, and unique, so if that's what you want, then go with the first one. As for ideas... have you tried ebay? I know, for example, that edgewood has an ebay store where they sell drastically reduced bridles marked "imperfect" because of some minor flaw that won't show once it's oiled. Maybe there's a dressage equivalent?

  7. I don't have FB (yeah, I know, last person in the free world without FB, lol) so I can't see the first bridle. But Five Star Tack is very nice, and that bridle is very pretty, so ya can't go wrong there. Personally, I am obsessed with Arc de Triomphe (, but their stuff is CRAZY-expensive.
    If you do go the e-bay rout, be very, very careful! I am convinced that I got a knock-off Arc de Triomphe bridle from e-bay -- it looked awesome when I first got it (exactly like the one at the tack shop), but started falling apart after only two months! I ended up throwing it out, it was that bad.

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