Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pony Loving

I didn't have time to ride yesterday, plus it was pouring rain, which I guess is not a bad combination. I stopped by the barn for a quick lunging session just to get the mare out of her stall. I would have let her be, but the farrier is out today and we're trying to continue in the trend of not trying to kill him. Thus, best plan of action=keep Izzy busy and moving until he shows up.

So. I bridled her up and we waded off to the indoor arena. Did I mention it's been raining like crazy here? Also it's blowing snow sideways at about 30-40mph right now. Ugh.

Izzy was so good. Yes, she had a massive bucking fit, but I just kept her going forward and she looked a little sheepish. I don't worry too much about those; if she has something she needs to get out, I'd prefer she do it on the lunge line. Other than that, she was polite, forward, and responsive. I was so bummed I didn't have time to ride.

Then I got home and the new Dover catalog was there. I can't buy anything now, but there's nothing to stop me from making and editing lists, right? Sorry for the lack of pictures lately. I'll try to get some today, maybe. In the mud and snow.

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  1. Well, at least you have a place to work her a bit. Here, I'm all outdoors and outdoors is under 2 feet of snow. Then again, working in that would tire your girl out just fine for the farrier. *G*

    Hope she is a good girl for her pedicure. *lol*


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