Thursday, December 2, 2010


It looks like I'm stuck ponyless for another day. We still have about 6" of snow everywhere, plus freezing rain and heavy cloud cover. Nothing is melting and I don't think my little car will quite make it to the barn.


I guess this means I will just have to go ahead and buy the western show headstall and bit I've been eyeballing, right? Izzy needs some fancy silver stuff.


  1. of course! that is God telling you to go ahead and buy it!!!!!!

  2. I hate when life interferes with riding. It's so frustrating but does sound like a good reason for shopping.

  3. Wow, you are really embracing this whole western thing! We are going to have to start calling you Sprinkler Cowgirl! I love it -- she is going to be so cute all blinged out.

  4. Uh oh...always a danger when cabin fever inspires the shopping craze.

    Sorry about the weather. It sounds stinky.

    Go, buy. At least you can dream about how it's all going to look on your girl.

  5. Oh boy! It is that season, isn't it? Last year I missed more than a few days of riding because my car couldn't make it to the barn.
    Fancy silver stuff? Oh yes, absolutely!


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