Friday, February 18, 2011

Izzy Pictures!!

The Wondermare is still on break. I'm thinking we're going to hold off on riding seriously until Monday. I want to give her plenty of time.

Yesterday, I spent a good long time grooming her and polishing her up, then I took pictures.

Look how cute she is! I did a more thorough mane pull than the first time around. It's still not perfectly even and show ready, but it's a lot closer. I stood on the mounting block this time so I could actually reach the upper part of her mane. It's soooo thick at the top that it's ridiculous.

I also broke out the desitin that's 40% zinc oxide. For those of you who are like me and not into (human) babies, this is apparently diaper rash cream. As per farrier directions, I am applying it to Izzy's frogs 3x a week. It's supposed to help them do something important that I can't think of right now. Izzy did not like the smell at all. I also had trouble getting it off my hands, so I think I'm in the market for some latex gloves. Yuck!

Another headshot. I was on my own and it's hard to be handler and camera person as well as artistic designer of all the shots. I try having other boarders help, but they don't want to be in the picture, so they take it and, well, horse pictures are an art in which few are well studied. You know?

In my spare time yesterday, I was leather halter shopping. The one Izzy has is a little too big, plus I got it used for $20 about two years ago, so not very pretty. I like pretty. There is a side of me that really wants to get her a "pretty" leather halter, but I'm not even sure what that looks like. I'm not wild about crystal studded halters and/or fancy stitching.

I'm thinking we'll just hold off til the tack store has a sale next month and see if we can't get something they have in stock and just put a nameplate on it. Maybe that will help us overcome the nameplate jinx (which is that every time I put a nameplate on something, that thing goes horribly wrong).

Oooooh she's so pretty. I would really like to do some conformation shots soon. This was the closest we got, and obviously, it's nothing exciting.

Also her tail is a wreck, but I'm thinking it's a wreck best approached with shampoo and detangler. When it's warm. I can't wait to bang it off! She's going to have a super sexy hock length tail, because, you know, we jump such massive things that I need to keep it from catching on them. ;-)

This looks like it should be the cover of a book. Or maybe the header of a blog. Hm... the great question: do I try it myself or just call in the super awesome blogger header make Denali's Mom?

Hm. Yeah. I'm no artist, but I actually really like this photo.

I'm going to try and make the header, then throw up my hands in disgust and email it off. This is a job for someone with skillz.


  1. Very nice! Love to see pitures of pretty horses. Especially ones as wonderful as the wondermare :)

  2. Your header looks good!! See, don't need special skillz do ya! :)

  3. awww... Izzy looks gorgeous.

    Love the last photo

  4. Izzy is still adorable. It's so hard to get good pictures when you are by yourself. And I too like the last one.


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