Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Izzy the Wondermare

Several things happened before that have never happened in my entire life. I will list them in chronological order.

1) The farrier called Sunday night to schedule an appointment for Monday at noon. I showed up at 12.03 on Monday. They were already there. Yikes! I figured I'd have a good half hour to lunge Izzy before they showed up.

2) The wondermare had an abscess. For serious. I should have taken a picture. Dave found it when cleaning up her left hind frog. It was a nice, neat capsule that had already blown out on it's own. Did I mention that she was never off a single day? Yeah... magic pony.

3) In light of #2, I needed an anti-thrush treatment to clean up the abscess hole. I went to the tack store, and get this, left with MORE money than I went in with. Yeah. I made $41.64 on that trip and it included buying two things that cost about $40. Apparently, some of my consignment items sold.

So. I now have thrush buster for her lil' feets (ok, large, well-shaped hooves) and desitin (farrier's recommendation) to help make her hoofies pretty. We see the dentist today at 3pm. Cross your fingers for her that it isn't a major deal and for me that it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

ETA: Just looked back at my January posts and noticed that on the 29th, she was fussy about going forward into contact, especially to the right. My theory is that since the left side of her face is the one that's messed up, taking extra contact on the outside (left) rein was not fun. Maybe that's why she's been so sticky to the right? I'm excited to find out.


  1. Good luck with the dentist! Poopy news on the absess but glad to hear it didn't cost ya much!

  2. Darn! Hope the absess gets better quickly!

  3. Eeeeek! Poor Izzy! Hope she feels better soon.

    I would avoid most conventional thrush remedies, as they generally do more damage than good; they harm healthy hoof tissue, which creates a smorgasboard for thrush, so you're stuck in a vicious circle. I haven't looked specifically at Thrush Buster's ingredients, but I'm willing to bet that it's not so great.

    Persoanlly, my fave anit-thrush/anti-abscess/anti-White-Line-Disease remedy is White Lightning. It kills bacteria, fungus, spores, etc. but does zero harm to healthy hoof tissue. Awesome stuff!! I also spray hooves with a 50/50 combo of apple cider vinegar and water daily to prevent thrush (this, too, does zero damage to hooves).

    There are lots of other great anti-thrush treatments that don't damage the hoof: cow mastitis treatments like Tomorrow; a mixture of 2/3 Lysol 4-in-1 cleanser to 1/3 water; a mixture of Neosporin & athlete's foot cream; Clean Trax (never used this one, but have heard good things about it -- although I think you have to take shoes off); tea tree oil, etc. But personally I think White Lightning is far superior.

    (Ooooo, and for popping abscesses, Animalintex pads are the hands-down BEST! I know Izzy's has already blown, but you might want to keep some on hand; I also recently read about people putting an Animalintex pad & a ThermaCare pad on the hoof, and that apparently works really, really quickly.)

    If Izzy has a hole from the abscess, Keratex has some medicated putty to put in the hole. I've never used it, but it looks good.

    Can you tell that I am completely OCD?! Lol. Sorry to write a novel, but I really feel like this is info that horse owners need to know; we've been duped by all the creators of these "anti-thrush" treatments for too long! Good luck!

  4. And I wonder too if that abscess might have affected some of her work as well? Could be rather than showing up as a lameness, it showed up as a performance issue.

    Otherwise, what a nifty day!! Nice when things work out well on the whole. (Moneywise, especially.)


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