Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Option #3

In all fairness, I didn't consider option #3 when I left you with a poll. It's actually the most logical option. You remember that I mentioned how shocked I was that -my- tackstore, the one that never has anything worth having, was carrying something I was interested in.

Well, they didn't have it in Izzy's size. Of course. Fortunately, I'm pretty good at eyeballing her sizes so I didn't just buy one that didn't fit and then have to return it.

On the other hand, after scouring google while on the phone at work for hours yesterday, I found a second Micklem bridle available at the internet. So... yeah... used, super good deal, on it's way to me now.

I think I should get this tshirt:
Stacey over at Behind the Bit is designing them. Lots of fun options.

I'm kidding about the shirt for now, but how perfect would it be for me? Really? Yeah...


So. My horse. The reason I have this blog. I mean, I assume you read this blog to hear about the Wondermare more than to hear my prattle on about tack-whoring and whatnot. Never fear! I even have a picture today.

This is what we call the lazy man's lunging cavesson. Specifically, I was starting Izzy back in a bit for the first time and I didn't want to lunge off the bridle.

I disassembled my jump bridle, then put my leather halter over it. Voila! A lunge cavesson. You might also note the loverly sheepskin halfpad we are using. Have no fear! I didn't buy it. It's just that I am the only person in the tackroom at the small barn, and there is this sheepskin pad that has been sitting there always. Apparently, it was left by a former boarder. I'm thinking I'll adopt it. Poor thing needs a home. ;-)

Since Izzy had Monday off, she decided to play a fun game called "how fast can I run at the fence in the indoor arena". Also "how high can I buck while running". In light of those games, I decided that we would stick with lunging for her re-introduction to the bit. We warmed up both directions, and then I put loosely adjusted side reins on her. She doesn't wear them often (since they tend to make her a bit heavy), but she gave me some lovely work yesterday.

Can't wait to ride tomorrow... hate that I'm too busy to get out on Wednesdays.


  1. I love a sheepskin half pad, I have one too but its reallly thick and I kind of feel like I am perched on the horse instead of astride the horse, if that makes sense? Oh, and I do the same thing with my "lunge cavesson." :)

  2. i seriously crack up everytime I read 'tack-whore' only because I am one.I too love Stacey's t-shirts and actually plan to get one!
    I like the adoption plan :P Poor thing does need a home. If only all of us tack whores could just simply adopt lonely tack.

  3. I have more tack than I need, that's for sure.

    Glad Izzy got a chance to be silly today. That way when you ride her tomorrow the silly will be gone.

  4. I'm forever 'adopting' tack that is left lying around. Sometimes innocently! I would have used it too. :p


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