Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More General Excitement

Since we all love to be well acquainted with our vets (ha!), Izzy and I were excited to meet Dr. Borders yesterday. He checked Izzy, agreed she needed work, and off we went. He gave her happy drugs--within a minute she was totally loopy. It was really pretty funny. Her lower lip was drooping and she had this goofy look on her face. I wanted to take a picture, but she's such a noble, beautiful creature most of the time that it just didn't feel right.

After opening her mouth and poking around, he looked at me. "Has she been having any problems with the bridle or riding?"
I told him about our various issues.
He frowned, looked back at her, then looked at me again. "Well, all horses are different..."
I just laughed. "Yeah. She has a really low pain tolerance."
"That's what I was going to say."

He did let me feel the points on her teeth, which I thought were huge and nasty and sharp, but he apparently didn't think they were quite worth the fit she was having over them. Oh well. The advantage of an overly sensitive pony is that she points out the problems long before they become serious.

After he finished, I get to feel inside her mouth again. Much better! I'm super excited to start riding again in a few days after she'd had a chance to recover.

Oh, and speaking of riding--I bought a saddle. It finally arrived yesterday. I found it online for a steal, so I figured I couldn't go too far wrong. If I don't like it, I think I can still make a profit selling it. It's a Collegiate Intellect (the convertible model) dressage saddle. I must say, I was very pleasantly surprised by the leather quality. I have a collegiate jump saddle and while it fits us nicely, the leather is crap. This saddle is all soft and pretty.

Depending on how impulsive I feel, I might run out and try it on Izzy this afternoon, but I really need to go straight home after work and get my house cleaned up for people coming over tonight. What to do...

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  1. Izzy may not be a wimp. A sharp tooth just hitting wrong could be very uncomfortable. Here's hoping she is more "bridle-friendly" on your next your nifty new saddle. *G*


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