Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not So Formal

This is the barn lot on Sunday. Yes, more snow.

I hate snow.

Still, we're lucky enough to have an indoor, so we bundled up and got ready.

There's a reason I bought Izzy a fancy cooler this fall. ;-) When it's precipitating, I just tack her up, throw the cooler over her, and off we go.

Yes in a sidepull.

I'm still riding sans whip in an effort to accomplish my goal of getting her more responsive, allow her to heal thoroughly, and give her lots of room to make her opinion known on how she feels. So far, I'm pleased with the progress we've made. She is much more forward now that her face is comfortable. Can't really blame her for that.

As promised, here's our riding get-up as of late. We are stylin'. (Ha.) My inner matchy-matchy wanna-be hunter-princess is appalled. My inner eventer says, "Well, it gets the job done."

My oft-expressed tack-whoring self says "MUST HAVE MICKLEM BRIDLE NOW".

Excuse me while I beat the tack whore back.

Ok, so I do really want to try the Micklem, but realistically, I need to wait and take care of other expenses first. I'm sure we'll be sporting one sometime this summer, but in the mean time, I will find something else to obsess over. (And if you find a horse size one used, do shoot me the link. I'm currently emailing with the seller of the only used one on the internet.)

In other news, I have to go to the tack store today to pick up something that came in. Who thinks I'll be able to walk out without this?

Oh, yeah, it's just an amazing synthetic halter that looks like leather but it comfy and totally weatherproof. As in yes, I could hang it on the front of Izzy's stall and no, the weather would not damage it. Tekna ftw.

I have no idea why my backwoods tackshop is carrying something cool, useful, trendy, and inexpensive, but I like it.

Yeah. They're only like $30.

So. If you think I will emerge from Flynn's Saddle Shop without one of these beauties, take number 1. If you think, on the other hand, that my inner tack whore will seize control of the $30 of cash in my wallet and emerge triumphantly from the store with said halter, please choose number 2.


  1. I will not choose, but please be aware it's not safe for Izzy to be out unsupervised wearing a synthetic halter that does not have a breakaway feature. I have the luxury of turning my Boys out without halters, but all I have in the barn are leather ones just in case. If that halter had a double buckle crownpiece, it would be easy to add a leather one for safety.

    I'll keep my eyes open for the Micklem.

  2. Jean--It does have a breakaway feature and I actually do not turn her out in a halter ever. Problem solved.

  3. #2 can't wait to see it on her!!

  4. Check ebay for the bridle! I buy almost everything off there :)

  5. I just purchased a set of Tekna boots for McKinna - open fronts and ankle boots, for shows. I am very pleased with them. Obviously they don't feel exactly like leather, but they look very nice and have the added benefit that you can just hose them off to clean them!

    Another lady out at our barn just bought a Tekna saddle. I haven't gotten a chance to play with it yet but it looks pretty nice.


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