Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Let's just be clear. I am not a crazy slap-happy person. I am a generally cheerful and optimistic person, but like all other people, I have my moments.

Some moments are inexplicable. Some are easily explained by this:

Yeah. Back zip paddock boots=HATE.

Specifically, I bought these boots about a year and a half ago. They never fit right, but they cost $25 online, and that was all I really had to spend anyways. For the first few months, they were even waterproof, which was nice.

They are not any more. Also, my toes about get rubbed raw because the front doesn't fit. Also, the ankles are too narrow for me, so it's nearly impossible to zip them over winter breeches. Or any breeches. Or even zip them at all, since the zippers are ripping out. Grrr. You might notice that I have also worn the heels down a tich. I didn't take a picture of the fronts, but they're worse. The stitching is gone and the leather is cracking and separating.

In fact, last night the left boot decided it would only zip halfway up even after the requisite 5 or 10 minutes of struggling with it. "Fine," I thought. I just snapped the top and put my half chap over it.

Every time my foot moved, the dumb boot unzipped a little bit more. GRRRR. HATE. BAD STUPID BOOT.

Anyways... I'm very much looking forward to Friday. I have pilates in the morning, then I'm going straight to the tack store. They are having a big huge sale and I have a $10 off coupon. I really, really hope they have something in my size to replace the bad stupid boots with. Also, I want a nice body brush for Izzy. Maybe a pair of reins. And we'll see what else is there.

Ahem. After the sale, I probably have to go to work (booo), then off to the barn to ride, then (get this) I AM GOING TO A JIMMY WOFFORD CLINIC!!! YAY!!

It's in Kennewick, WA. Dump of a town, but Tulip Springs is worth checking out.

ETA: I am auditing Jimmy's clinic. No way I have the $$ to ride in it. There's a reason I waited for a tack sale to buy new paddock boots.

Also, hooray new blog header made by one of my lovely readers. She is one of four people who have ridden Izzy since I got her. (Does that make her a little foolhardy? Probably.)


  1. Ick... they don't even LOOK comfortable

  2. Agree with Dom. good luck shopping it is so fun when you can find exactly what you are wanting. though that rarely happens for me. and YAY for the clinic!!! Have fun and soak up all you can so you can share!

  3. Have fun tack shopping! Those boots look AWFUL.

    I owned about four pairs of tall English boots, and then I ditched those and bought nice blue Justin boots. Those are the most amazing boots ever, and I can even use my half chaps with them. Though, nothing is good for grip quite like actual English boots...

    Sigh. Have fun shopping!!

  4. YAY TACK BUYING! Those boots look horrendous, glad you are getting new ones. I spent a pretty penny on my Ariat's, but I love dem.

    As for JWo, I love him! Mucho jealousy.

  5. I will give you, they do not look like quality boots, and they may not have been the most comfortable, but I would be happy with 1 1/2 years out of $25 boots! They got you through, now go buy something you like!

  6. Have an awesome time at Jimmy! I'm sure it will be amazing!! Take notes and post a re-cap :-)

  7. Have fun auditing the clinic! I want to go, but I don't really want to drive the 5 hours so I'll just have to hear about it from you :) Take good notes!

  8. You wear your boots until they're about as dead as I wear mine. LOL Although I must admit I have never, never tried boots with zippers. It just didn't make sense to me with the kind of mud I have in the winter. Your problem with them confirms my suspicions. Thanks for that.

    I have not been to Kennewick in years, although have been to the tri-cities area. I do remember it as being quite small. I believe it is the smallest of the three cities. Is that right?

    I hope you enjoy your clinic and will share with us how it went.

  9. OMG, JEALOUS!! Will you please tell Jimmy that I am the vice president of the We <3 Jimmy Fan Club (Solo's mom is prez -- we had a discussion involving making "We <3 Jimmy" slap bracelets & also writing it on our Trapper Keepers). Oh, and tell him that he should TOTALLY be chef d'equipe of the eventing team and he got seriously robbed. Oh, and take 5,000 pics, tons of video, and as many notes as your little hand can scribble. No pressure or anything. :-)
    Have fun!!!

  10. I *almost* signed up to ride in that very clinic.

    But then it conflicted with one of my finals. =/ School comes first.


    But you will have fun and you must take lots of pictures and notes!

  11. Sure looks like it's time for new boots. Hope you find something really good at the sale.

    The clinic sounds great! I'll be looking forward to your report.

  12. Frizz is right, we made a club. That uh, we are members of. So we can heart on Jimmy. I rode with him once a couple years ago -- my horse was a devil and it was embarrassing and I was embarrassing, but Jimmy still ruled. I am itching for the chance to do it again so I can redeem myself.


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