Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saddle Advice

So... let's talk more saddles.

I have a Collegiate Convertible Dressage Saddle. It fits Izzy ok, it fits me ok. I like it, don't love it.

I have a friend who wants to buy it for a little more than I paid for it.

Conundrum: do I sell the saddle that mostly works and look for something I like better or do I just put up with it and let her do the looking?

Hm... wither tracings and Trumbull Mountain are calling my name.


  1. Hmmm I'd probably sell it!

    I just sold my Collegiate Senior Event and definitely didn't get what I paid for it. This could give you a good opportunity to have cash in hand to go looking for a saddle that works really well for the two of you!

  2. If I had a saddle that fit my horse you couldn't tear it out of my hands but that is because I don't think Steady was built to fit any saddle. If it were me I would definitely find a saddle first before I let mine go. I personally cannot find anything on trumbull Mountain in my price range but maybe that is cause I po!

  3. Well, saddle fit is very important and I've heard nothing but rave reviwes about Trumbull Mountain...but I would make sure she doesn't have any underlying health issues first. And if she does have issues, those are obviously more important than saddles. Because a perfectly fitting saddle on a horse with posssible back, hormonal, ulcer, etc. issues won't do you much good.
    Good luck! I know this sucks. I am probably about to inherit Salem and all of his many, many issues; so I, too, will be pouring tons of money (that I don't have) into a horse that I won't be able to ride (at least for a while). Aaaaaaah, horses! :-)

  4. I'm just catching up. I hope you're able to sort out the problems you've been having. Rogo's energy comes and goes hugely this time of year, but what you're describing is beyond that (not wanting to be touched etc.). How frustrating for you.
    I think I'd be inclined to keep the saddle that fit until I had another one. Fit can be so elusive!

  5. def get a new one before selling the old one if you are going to get a new one at all. You know I just went through this actually. Have you assessed everything that could be affecting her performance? If the saddle still fits ok, I would peruse through ads and REALLY look for one you want and one that will fit. just my $.02 :)

  6. Sell it. It doesn't matter if you sell it before or after you find a new one. Saddle fit is SO important. I finally, FINALLY rode in a saddle that actually fit me. I became a MUCH better rider (not Grand Prix) but you get it. I think you have a saddle that fits her. Sell this one. Do tracings, and try out saddles!


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