Thursday, March 31, 2011


Still miserable and sick yesterday, but I had to go out to see how the Wondermare was adjusting to her new situation. Also to see if she'd killed any of her pasture mates yet. Or been grounded. Or any number of possibilities that would not have surprised me.

As I drove up, I noticed that she was still out in the pasture and things looked peaceful, which at least meant that no one had caught her doing anything to awful yet. The barn owner told me that Izzy had instigated a massive and intense play session last night, complete with galloping and bucking like crazy. Hooray! I knew she needed that.

I got her out and was pleasantly surprised that she came up to meet me. Good. I gave her a treat, then took her off to the barn to feed her grain. Her self-appointed boyfriend was heartbroken that she was leaving him, complete with trotting the fence line and whinnying for her. She didn't even flick an ear. It was just, "Really? That guy? So not my type. Clingy, needy, not real attractive. Can't believe he's trying to embarrass me by talking to me in public."

I felt her pain. Poor thing. ;-) I was too sick and achy and un-energetic to ride, so I just gave her a thorough grooming (no surprise--there isn't a new mark on her) and then took her to the indoor to lunge. This whole winter we've struggled with the walk, whether on the lead, on the lunge, or under saddle. Magically, we had a lovely walk yesterday. I suspect it's a combination of "hooray new environments are exciting!" and the constant motion she's allowed in the pasture. She did have a run on her stall, but it wasn't very big.

Anyways. She was loose, fluid, free, and forward on the lunge. I love it. If I hadn't been so miserable, I'd have ridden for sure. She looked amazing. After a final grooming, I took her back to the pasture. As soon as Duke (the wanna-be boyfriend) saw her, he started screaming for her again, despite the fact that he'd been fed dinner in her absence. He came running up to her when I opened the gate and tried to crowd up to see us. She promptly spun around and started double barreling him until he had the sense to back away and give her space.

Sigh. Mare. She caught me totally by surprise, so I did not really react at all. The next few times, I think I'll carry a dressage whip, both to keep other horses away and to remind her that I'm the boss, not her.

Also, I sold my dressage saddle last night to someone local. For the first time in years, I actually only own one saddle at the moment.

Unless, of course, you count the one that's coming to me in the mail to try. Very exciting.


  1. She sounds so much happier! They are made to move around constantly like that! :) Yay Izzy, and I'm not surprised that she is the Queen Bee of her pasture already ;) ;)

  2. Sounds awesome ^_^ I will be watching your blog. Your mare sounds quite adorable. As for the saddles, I have the same problem with owning more then one, I currently own 5, 3 of which I do not use. Sigh. Oh well, at least if I ever need a spare!

  3. Yay Izzy. I think she will love being out! Hope you feel better soon so you can get in a solid ride with your new trial saddle :)

  4. As I've said, I think being out and able to move about freely is the best thing for a horse. I am getting more and more confident that you are going to see a really good, positive change in Izzy when you are able to ride her again.

    So what kind of saddle are you trialing??

  5. Hooray for happy horses! Now I hope you are feeling better soon, missing ride days is the pits!


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