Friday, March 4, 2011


Between Izzy's odd physical mystery issue and the crappy weather lately, I was not in a super good mood to ride yesterday. However, I did want to see if she'd be any better after a couple days of her new supplements. Premature maybe, but you know how that goes.

We had construction on the neighbor's property right next to the outdoor arena, complete with a crane and trusses going up. Yay! A boarder had turned both of her horses out in the indoor and wandered off, so that was off the table unless I felt like hunting her down and acting bitchy, which I didn't. Oh well. Izzy can just deal with the construction, right?

Then a car pulled up. And another. Oh look! A meeting of the scary-riding-boarders, and they're all riding in the outdoor together. I don't mind riding with other people, but I was really wanting to ride alone so I cold just concentrate on Izzy and see what's effecting her. However, these people are truly terrifying to ride with (they have little-to-no control of their horses and no concept of horses needing some personal space).

I made a grumpy face. I very nearly put Izzy away. Then, I realized that at least the round pen with it's nice sandy footing is on my side of the road. I would have gone to the track, but there was also construction on the bridge to the track. Boo construction.

Anyways. Izzy actually did really well, considering. Her walk was somewhat better--a touch more forward and less sticky. She picked up the trot easily both ways and didn't fling her head. We were actually having a decent ride right up until she had a head-flinging fit going to the right. I just stayed still and rode through it, then asked for canter. She cantered with minimal fuss, but was not at all forward to the right.

In other news, my much-anticipated Micklem bridle showed up yesterday. I'm looking forward to trying it out today to see if it does anything for her general itchiness and head-flipping-ness.


  1. Uuuuggghhh, scary riders cramping your horse's personal space are the worst! I'm glad Izzy's feeling better, and I hope she continues to improve. :-)
    (Oh, and I read your e-mail and want to give it a proper, thought-out response, which I promise to do by the weekend. Just been a bit busy!)

  2. Hmmm, I hate when you can't quite figure out what is bothering them.
    Those boarders sound annoying! I hate when people have no riding manners!

  3. Well, good for you managing to ride a bit through both your grumpiness, and then all the distractions. Sounds as if the headflipping only showed up after Izzy was a little tired. Probably related to her soreness which started to get worse as she got more tired.

    But all in all, There seems to be some improvement. I'll be interested to hear how the new bridle works.

  4. Glad to hear Izzy is getting better. It's still a mystery though isn't it? This stuff drives me nuts, but I'm sure you're on the right track and you'll figure it out.

  5. ugh I can't stand to ride grumpy. I just know I will make it bad and ruin the day.

  6. Riding grumpy is the pits. I try hard not to do it but if i do have to I try and go for a long walk, not work on anything that will annoy me :)


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