Saturday, March 26, 2011

Quick Weekend Update

In no particular order:

1) I rode Thursday and Izzy was great--forward and relaxed. Hmm. That makes me very, very suspicious of a hormonal problem. I'll be watching to see if it reoccurs in roughly a month.

2) There is an opening for a pasture board horse, so Izzy is going to give it a go. I love having her in a stall with a run because she stays clean and dry, but then I feel guilty if I don't get her out every single day. This might be a good compromise. Of course, it will be a pasture with two other geldings, so we'll see how that goes.

3) My friend tried out my saddle yesterday. It fit her horse perfectly and she totally loved it. It remains in my possession until Friday, at which point we make the happy switch.

4) In an odd twist of fate, I am now looking at various saddles online and actually enjoying the search. Something about actually having a budget just makes my inner miser very, very happy. Plus, since I'm starting with a budget, I can actually look at nicer saddles than before, which makes my inner tack-whore happy.

5) I'm actually very interested in Passiers. About to skip off to my local tack store to see if they have anything in that brand available to try on Izzy.

6) Speaking of the problem child, she somehow magically skinned up both of her shoulders. I'll post pictures on Monday. I think she lunged over the fence at someone, but regardless, when I turned her out in the indoor, she was far too gimpy to ride. Then, when I led her over to the turnouts, she had this big, gorgeous walk. Uh huh, Mare. I'm not convinced.


  1. Have an older, but still gooder Passier Nicole/Grand Gilbert for sale. Medium tree, 161/2" seat. Negotiable at $1200 plus shipping.

    Loved my Passiers until I went treeless with the Ansurs. Fantastic saddles. Well made and I could count on them to fit my horses. Well worth a look.

  2. OMG i loooove Passiers. It was a dream to ride in, but sadly did not fit yankee as well as the County, so I went with the County. Good luck :)

  3. Jean--if there was any way my butt would fit into a 16.5, we'd be talking. Alas, I'm in the 17.5-18 range.


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