Friday, March 11, 2011

Storm Pony

By the time I made it out to the barn yesterday, it was blowing about 40mph sideways. Also raining. Yay!

Izzy and I bundled up and trundled over to the indoor.

She is amazing. I almost can't stand how amazing she is.

She was super quiet on the lunge, but still sticky about her right lead. Chiro will be back out on Tuesday to address that.

We focused on incorporating variety instead of pandering to my desires for routine. As we walk away from the mounting block, Izzy was very much behind my leg and protesting forward motion in the walk, which she usually does. Instead of fighting with her about it, I asked for trot. Off we went. I'd set a trot pole, so we're trot down the long side in shoulder-in, then straighten just in time to go over the pole, then halt, then go into a 3 loop serpentine at the trot. Then canter.

It's pretty fun, really. She was very engaged in what we were doing and was even trying to guess what would come next, which means she's very interested in getting it right. We had some of the nicest forward, soft trot I've ever had on her, and then we stopped.

Best pony ever. I'm going to miss her this weekend, but I gues seeing J-Wo will make up for it. ;-)


  1. Ordered Solo Schooling last night after reading your post from yesterday. I'm thinking it will be beneficial as I see my trainer monthly at best.

    I've been feeling for a while that I need to be more creative in our sessions to keep Val engaged - focusing on what kind of learner he is should help a lot. I want him to have fun!

    Thanks so much for the book review!! Enjoy the clinic :)

  2. OMG LOVE the header!esp the pic on the right..btw why is it sprinkler bandit? i have always wondered

    I have solo schooling, its great

  3. Love that photo in black and white! You guys look so great together.

  4. What a nice, positive post from you. Variety seems to be putting some spice into Izzy's life and making her a happy camper.

    Good strategy.


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