Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Goals

Our stated goals for May:

1) Just jump it. Monica is making t-shirts and mine won't look out of place. Jump Izzy at least twice a week. Work on setting little gymnastics and combinations so we can work things out. Be comfortable over low verticals.
Ha. Fail. I have been so inconsistent this month thanks to being out of town for half of it. I would say we've made a huge stride forward in the area of my confidence, but we need to keep working on this.

2) Conditioning--Work at least once a week on the track, weather permitting. In order to be competitive, we need to continue developing cardiac fitness.
In my defense, the weather hasn't been permitting. We only made it onto the track one time. However, with a fabulous new jump saddle that I LOOOVE riding in, I have high hopes for this to come along.

3) Sitting trot. I've been doing it a little, but not nearly enough. Even time the dressage saddle is on, I'm going to spend some portion of the time sitting. Focus on engaging core and relaxing hips.
Technically, I did this. However, "some portion of the time" usually worked out to about 5-10 strides when I needed to be deep in the saddle to ride Izzy past a spooky spot.

So... yeah. May was not our best month ever. We made some progress and learned about how good Izzy is about letting beginners ride her and had fun, but we didn't really accomplish much. That said, we did have a lesson, our first of the year. Yay lesson!

June goals:
1) GET OUT. Leave the arena. 1-2 times a week, I need to ride outside. Izzy isn't bothered by trail rides--I am. For now, I'm going to count riding on the track. I'm also going to ride into the hayfield at least once a week. I may be doing it in western tack, but we are for sure doing it.

2) Jump!! We are doing well with single verticals and cross rails. Height isn't really an issue--Izzy is super athletic. Instead, actually set some related distances.

3) Conditioning--this means going FORWARD in our dressage and galloping on the track and working longer. Izzy is out on rich grass in need of some strenuous work and it will be good for both of us.

Fat girl needs a job.


  1. Great goals! Sounds like it could be my list. Hey I was wondering if you could send me the set of front shims for the thinline? I think just a little more lift in front would better for us. Thanks :)

  2. You did make some progress...I saw the video of your jumping, so you did get a start. Sometimes life just interferes with what you really want to do.

    Good goals for the coming month. I wish you luck in accomplishing them.

  3. I love that you make goals every month. I am afraid to, because I would feel like a big fat failure when I never accomplished any of them! I can barely accomplish goals I set for the day. Or the ride, even. Baby steps....

  4. Looks like awesome awesome goals!
    I may have a tip for you sitting the trot. Try and inhale and exhale (dramatically even) like as if you were in yoga/pilates. I swear it helps sit that trot and loosen your body to do so. :)
    Izzy and you jumping LOOK AWESOME!!!


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