Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cuna Does Dressage Pictures!

The pictures are in! I got the full set last night and I absolutely love them. Instead of blogging about our crazy trail ride or what we've been working on, here are some of my favorite shots from this weekend.

It was blowing like crazy and Cuna protested being forced to do dressage after a break, but he finally decided to play along.

I had him all decked out in brand new wraps and a borrowed dressage saddle. You might also notice our classy browband.

Our canter work was a little rough, but Cuna was straight and forward. I can always count on him for that.

Check this out!

I know he should be more round, but we're working a little bit on our lengthenings. I sit his working trot, but I definitely post these for now.

I just love his hock articulation. Someone is feeling much better. :)

I am running out of time, so here are some adorable candids to tide you over until I can do a proper write up. And contest wrap up. And talk about my exciting new lesson plan.

Hello cookie person

You are very small
Too many pictures!!


  1. So cute! He looks great - hock injections = money well-spent!

  2. Love the pics! Fancy Cuna! You guys look great.

  3. Cuna is turning into quite the model :) Looking so good!

  4. HOT DIGGITY that trot is like whoah.

  5. You guys look great... and I LOVE his shine.

  6. Awww, he looks great! Happy hocks indeed -- it's so neat to watch a horse who knows he is loved and is convinced of his own awesomeness. <3

  7. Y'all make an amazing pair. I'm impressed with how far his dressage has come. Great work!

  8. What a gorgeous boy!! Hes looking great.

  9. Nice power trot, Mr. Cunafish!

  10. Never too many pictures!! I love the last picture with his tongue out LOL! And his hock action is awesome! I'm glad his injections help him out so much. :D


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