Monday, April 8, 2013

Photo Contest, Round Two!!

I'd love to do a Cuna update, but aside from a funny picture I took at the vet, we aren't doing much. He just got his hocks done and is on stall rest through today.

That does mean I have time to move on to step two of our exciting 'Tis the Season Photo Contest!! Thank you to all our entrants. I love all the creativity expressed and beautiful pictures that were submitted. After polling our judges, here are the selections for the final round:

Please peruse the top six, pick your favorite, and then (here's the fun part!) vote for your favorite entry in the poll below!!
Photo 1: equine therapy

Photo 2: snowy trail rides

Photo 3: dreaming big
Photo 4: naughtiness
Photo 5: kisses

Photo 6: feel the love

I give you our finalists!! The pictures are ordered randomly, so please don't think they're ranked by anything in particular. These shots captured the moment they were taken and most swayed our judges with composition, drama, and overall cuteness*.

As with the judges, you may vote based on any criteria you see fit. If you want to lobby for a favorite entry in the comments section, go for it. ;) Your votes will determine our final winner unless we are close to a tie, in which case the judges will do a tie breaker.

Many thanks to all our lovely entrants and to our judges, Team Flying Solo and Cedes of Change.

*This criteria may or may not have actually been used. I gave the judges free rein.


  1. My vote is for #4 and #5, I can't decide which one I like more!

  2. Still love #4! Captured at the perfect moment.

  3. Team Naughtiness all the way! ;-)

  4. Why is it showing #4 as 0 votes? I know I voted for it, and when I voted it was in the lead--???

  5. Same problem here. I voted and it shows zero.....

  6. I don't understand what is going on with this useless poll. Now deciding on plan B.


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