Wednesday, April 3, 2013

'Tis the Season for Catching Up

Ok, I really, really want to blog about how awesome Cuna was yesterday and how much fun riding in a really cool saddle was, but as SOME OF YOU have been reminding me, I am quite remiss in wrapping up my 'Tis the Season photo contest. Without further ado, I bring you our entrants.

'Tis the season: 
...for my Mom to get over her fear of horses and see where all that board money goes - Jessica
...for equine therapy -Alanna
A note from Alanna: "This photo was taken by my friend Tarra the day after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. There is no better therapist than your horse!" remember the good times we had -Erica 
A note from Erica: "Dillon was my first horse I had ever owned outright.  We had been together for 2 years when we had to move up to northern Alberta.  The move when fine, we had found a farm to board at, plenty of space, everything was perfect.  Living so north, I was very excited about seeing the northern lights.  The first night I saw the lights I got a call from the barn owner in an absolute panic and dread.  The moment I took the phone I knew something was wrong.  Dillon and her stud had gotten out of their fields and had wandered onto the highway and had been hit by a semi.  Luckily both horses had died on impact.  It's been exactly 14 months since I lost my first partner and I still miss him horribly.  I'm extremely fortunate in the fact that I found such a great horse in Koda so soon after losing Dillon." be a pony rider again

...for family photos

...for Santa hats! -Amelia practice clipping patterns - Sarah

...for snowy trail rides -Kate feel the love - Kate

...for comfy cozy -Katie L 

...for decorating horses -Ruth
...for dreaming big -Erica P
A note from Erica: "I'm not wholly sure if this counts, but I thought I'd put in an entry for all of us who are getting our pony fix by reading blogs and dreaming of the day when they can finally get a horse of their own. Someday.... :) 

Please note: I'm roughly 8 months pregnant right now, so my jacket doesn't so much, er..button..or close...or fit...even a little, and tall boots + swollen ankles = never gonna happen  :)  I found the rocking horse at a garage sale for $3 this fall, and seeing as we're having a girl, I pretty much two-wheeled it turning around to go snatch it.  I feel like all she needs now is a viking helmet and a broad sword to go with it, or maybe a polo mallet, hehe."

Editor's note: Given my tardiness, Erica has already welcomed a small into the world. 

...for horse shows - Karley
Editor's note: Karley is the only contestant who entered two pictures. Given that both pictures were quite cute, I gave her the go ahead.
...for riding -Karley

...for kisses -Nicku

...for exhaustion - Gabriella

...for elfin hats! - Xianleigh

...for being naughty! -Ashley
Ok!! Thank you to everyone who entered and I do apologize for my delay. I will notify my fellow judges, but feel free to weigh in on the comments as to which pictures are your favorites! There are so many fun and creative entries. I don't know how we'll choose! 


  1. Replies
    1. Ok, then someone else reminded me too. ;) I needed to get it done and it was actually super fun to put together.

  2. Oh Lysette!!! Causing so much trouble as always! I am partial to the photo of Olivia being such a naughty little filly! I also LOVE Erica P's entry, that is too fun and I hope she gets a horse of her own really soon to enjoy :)

  3. OMG Olivia you naughty horse. Poor Ashley! That one gets my vote.

  4. Love them all! Makes me want to run a contest!

  5. Erica P totally deserves something for dressing up and getting on a rocking horse while 8 no preggo!!!

  6. Wow! I completely forgot about this contest! Love the photos. I'd have to go with either Nicku's (because it's just a gorgeous photo!), Erica P's (wish it were a little bigger, are those dressage arena letters around her?) or Ashley's (because it's hilarious!).

    1. Yup! Because who doesn't want to do dressage on an 18" sparkly pink unicorn, amiright? Though I have to say, having seen all these, I'm going to have to go with Ashley. Love the expression on her face!

  7. Love Ashley's! What a great shot.

  8. I vote Ashley too! If she wins, can you get her to tell her story! It looks like a professional photo! ha ha! Totally cracks me up!

  9. My 2 favorites are "for kisses" and "for being naughty". I love Pongo and Olivia :)

  10. I agree with Pongo and Olivia. So cute!

  11. Love seeing all of these!! Great pictures! :) Good luck to the judges sheesh!

  12. LOL yay for all my votes!! haha I laugh every time I see that photo its so priceless! I legit almost got killed that day ;)

  13. Erica P and Ashley definitely get my votes!

  14. So many good photos! Wow we are a creative bunch =) Great idea Aimee

  15. Love Ashley and Olivia's! Naughty babies and funny faces ;)

  16. I forgot what this contest was about lol! Was it just people with their horses? I love for kisses and for being naughty. :D You'll have to do another contest please! I want to enter! :)


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