Monday, September 23, 2013

Fun and Pictures

Ok, first things first. Y'all should go to Riley's blog and enter the amazing sweet contest. If you're poor like me from having two horses, guess what? You can make two entries! I've sent in my first entry, but need a suitable picture for the second. It's super fun and the prizes are incredible. Check it out!!

Adorable rockstar
Second things second: due to it apparently now being fall, Mr Courage debuted his fist blanket since I've owned him.

How can a snuggly warm horse not just make you happy? He was pefectly quiet about the whole thing and not the least bit concerned. I did halter him to put it on, since you just never know.

Now I know. Rockstar. As usual.

I have a list of blog posts to write this week (hello review time), but I just wanted to share some fun shots today.

We are trying out a new saddle and I am practicing jumping with my butt staying out of the saddle on the back side so that he can use his hind end effectively.

What can I say? Defensive habits die hard. Those of you who were around last fall remember that I was working on this same concept with Cuna before... well, the shit storm that was this year.

Why jump when you can trot?
Regardless, we are making progress and the little dude was great.

Also once I got out of the saddle, he got really bored of wee cross rails. He's totally got the idea of jumping now, so there is no funny wiggliness to the fence, but he wasn't impressed enough to do more than trot over them after the first try.

First time over the wee x
Onwards and upwards! This week I plan to move the jumps to new places in the arena and make the crossrails more impressive. Maybe we'll get really crazy and jump some tiny verticals if I can get my position under control and my stirrups short enough.

Sure is fun having things to work towards and seeing actual progress. I feel like we're squeezing as much in as possible before the weather totally nosedives. Everyone else loving fall?


  1. totally loving the fall! So glad everything is going so well for you and Courage!

  2. The trotting over the rails is good. It shows he's nice and relaxed and not at all likely to start rushing. He looks really cute in the blanket.

  3. What a rock star. As Jean said, better to trot over an x than bolt, rush, and over jump!
    Also, I know you've mentioned it before, but I couldn't remember/find where you'd said it, so I might as well ask: how tall is Courage?

  4. I love everything about fall except the aftermath of rain... aka indoor arenas and soupy pastures. Glad your new boy is working out so well

  5. Yeah Mr. Big...and Yeah for shorter stirrups!

  6. Watching you and this horse develop is so much fun already and you've had him such a short time! Loving all the photos.

    Fall weather is amazing, but I feel like I can't enjoy it because of what comes after fall. I wish I could enjoy it more, but winter is just not fun.

  7. What sort of saddle are you trying?

    1. Right now, a Nelson Pessoa. It doesn't really fit me, but it's better than the Keiffer we were playing with. He's been fine in both.

  8. Hes such a cool horse :) You guys look great.


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