Thursday, September 19, 2013

Only the Best Idea Ever

I'm sure this is news to all of my faithful readers (ha!), but I don't always think things through really well.

From our last trip to the trainer
For example, I thought the best idea after the clinic was to give C-rage a few days off, then bring him back into work Tuesday. Except Tuesday I ended up going on a tour of fancy barns with our BO and not riding.

So then the next best idea was to haul to our trainer's place on Wednesday evening for a group jump night after three days off.

Did I mention the temperature had dropped 20 degrees overnight?


Cuz that sounds like a smart idea.

Life is better with a supermodel girlfriend
Courage ended up hauling over by himself in the trailer and it wasn't his favorite thing ever. He screamed periodically and looked for his beloved girlfriend Diva, but she was nowhere to be found. The other riders thought I was joking when I said it was the wildest he's ever been. He had an adorable little Courage spook (one whole stride) and a funny little leapy/spinny explosion thing, about two strides.

A cute shot from another participant
Otherwise? We walked and trotted around. He looked at stuff. He put his head straight in the air sometimes and experimented with going on the bit sometimes.

We walked and trotted through the big grid when it was set as trot poles. The first three poles would eventually become a double bounce. We trotted through when the first crossrail was set up.

Then the next rail went up. Well... why not? I aimed towards it. He went happily forward until the last stride.

The face you make when you're the best
C-rage "Holy $#!+ that is a lot of poles. I think we should stop."

Me: "Go forward."

C-rage: "Eh... front feet, back feet BOING"

Me: "Good boy! That's the idea."

C-rage: "Yeah, did you see that? I am the best at this."

Cocky little bastard. ;-) Gotta love him. We bowed out when they progressed to three bounces, but he spent the rest of the hour walking around and visiting and being admired. By the end, he was standing on the buckle getting scratches from fans.


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