Friday, July 10, 2015

1 Thing I Am the Worst At

actually not photography
If there's one thing I'm guaranteed to always be the worst at, it's keeping track of time.

For example, I always think I ride for about 20-30 minutes. Except now I ride before work (and have a pretty fixed commute time) and wouldn't you know, it's consistently a lot more like an hour. No wonder horsiekins is fit. 

For another example, I've been on this "twiddling my thumbs and SUMMAHTIME" kick in which Courage and I do nothing productive. Except literally Monday I realized I had a dressage show Wednesday (yesterday).

also possibly trunk organization
Hmmmm maybe instead of another go round with the water trough, I should try to figure out if we're back to turning right reliably. And oh, you know, look at my tests again. And figure out if I can use a martingale on the off chance we decide to try and jump the judge again.

One more example: I signed up for a dressage clinic later this month and was thinking I'd maybe also head up to the new show facility and watch an event clinic this month. And go spectate at Rebecca. Hit the rodeo. Go camping. See a Grand Prix. FUN FACT: there are not 6 weekends in July. Who knew?

I don't know why I thought there were. It wasn't so much that I believed that there were, but more than I had a bunch of things I wanted to do but didn't actually count on how much time any of them would take up. 


All that to say, we're taking our second shot at training level tonight next Wednesday (dammit thunderstorms). Wish us luck! 


  1. Courage looks dashing! Good luck!

  2. lol i am having the same exact problem with not enough weekends in July.... hope you have a blast at the show!

  3. You guys will rock it. Good luck!

  4. Good luck! Time management is not my strong suit either :)

  5. Spectating at Rebecca is amazing! It is cool to be able to watch so much XC in one day. Plus the venue is gorgeous. I highly recommend it!

  6. Have fun!! Seriously not enough weekends for all the fun horsey stuff.

  7. Good luck and have fun!

  8. Those things all sound like so much fun!

  9. Martingales are not allowed in dressage.
    You don't need one anyhow.

  10. Yes! You should go to Rebecca. Can you say "blogger meet up!?" :)


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