Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When You're Not Feeling It

not pictured: my coat
We've had some unseasonably cold weather and gusting winds lately (which, wtf, i miss it already), plus my time is double- and triple-booked from now like like.... November? Something.

Anyways. It all equals out to I'm really tired and that's changing the way I ride.

I've had really good luck lately with doing a stretchy w/t/c ride with Courage one day, then an intense dressage ride the next day, then a day off. So I tried that. LOVELY stretchy ride Sunday, but then a cold night and when I got on Monday, Courage was NOT feeling it.

He'd kind of go around in a fake frame and wasn't heavy in the bridle, but he was stiff as a board and

bright side: wicked sexy
I know how to ride through that, but ugh. Tired.

So we went for a hack.

Remember the unseasonal cold and gusting winds?


but he looks so quiet
We made it out of the arena, but we weren't even around the corner of the barn before Courage spun and went leaping back because OMG A TARP. I lost a stirrup, but stayed seated. Then I made him work through it. Then we got to the next tarp and that was a party and a half.

And remember, tired.

We went back in the arena. Courage was still stiff and undermotivated. I thought about really sitting down and riding and putting him together and working through it. I really did.

And then I climbed off, pulled tack off, and turned homeboy loose in the arena because screw Mondays, man. It was actually hilarious--he wasn't even animated enough to get all that many good liberty shots.

we're on the same page
I'm usually like this in July--I need a mental break from all the focus and hard work of showing and I just want to screw around. I honestly think it's good for Courage to not get overtrained and drilled.

And yeah. Eventually, we'll work hard again.

Just not today.


  1. I'm the opposite. I've been on "mental break" so long it feels like that I'm dying to get back to the nitty gritty.

  2. I just had this ride on Sunday, I wasn't really feeling it, Notch was being lazy so we did some small stuff and called it a day.

  3. I'm having a similar lack of ambition. I ride for like 20 minutes and I'm like, yeah, that was good. Time to get off.

  4. I hear you. I pretty much have 1-2 days like that each week. Too tired or stressed for a "real" ride so we just hack around.

  5. Hmmm... I've been like this for three weeks. I looked at my horse today and he looks like a fat butterball. Need a kick in the pants

  6. Man something was in the air on Monday- I got to the barn all gung ho to work, and didn't even put my saddle on. I made the beast cart my butt around bareback for 30 min and called it a day.

  7. 'eventually but not today' is my answer to a lot of things. and i'm really ok with that.


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