Thursday, July 16, 2015

ZBH: Everyday Fails Blog Hop

There is this funny notion out there that Courage is perfect and we never have bad days. I find that hilarious, but I guess maybe I don't publicize our fails as much as I feel like I do. So without further ado, here's a group of fail fun from us:
FAIL: trying to canter poles in a happy mouth mullen
(not if we want to stay in this county)

FAIL: not clipping the horse's head.
(just ew)

FAIL: trying to keep the OTTB barefoot for a cycle.
(let's not do this again)

FAIL: lunging on the correct lead
(that isn't a lead)

FAIL: face scrape allowed brain to escape skull
(this whole day was a cluster)

FAIL: staying in the back seat
(definitely not the droids you're looking for)

FAIL: turning right
(had this battle more than once)

FAIL: trailer loading
FAIL: keeping shoes on
(it's only a show, right guys?)

FAIL: sitting up
(it's huntseat dressage)
FAIL: stop acquiring more pets
(Bonus Dog needed a kitten friend)

FAIL: whatever I am doing here
(I cannot explain)
And really, these are just recent fails caught on camera. I omitted the dramatic jumping fail shots and I haven't had a photographer for some of the epic happenings lately. Thanks Nicole for hosting!!


  1. I finally found someone else who hates the look of a clipped horse with a hairy face! For the love of all that is good in the world, please people clip that face.

    And your dogs in the front seat picture cracks me up!

  2. Turning right is my favorite. That one is epic.

  3. I agree! the turning right one is impressive.

  4. My favorite has to be lunging on the correct lead. That is not a lead. I bust out laughing at that one

  5. Hahahah pet acquisition fail. Love these photos!

  6. OMG who knew turning right was so difficult. lol

  7. I love me some fail pics! I find them entertaining and refreshing! :)

  8. Can we make hunt seat dressage a thing?

  9. Your turning right fails are definitely my favorite too!

  10. lol Courage... he certainly knows how to get his point across!!

  11. The fail at sitting in the back seat just cracks me up.

    Also - some of these are whimsical. So..... ;)

    And lunging on a correct lead - Dassah wants to know what that is.


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