Monday, July 20, 2015

Coming Clean: Tack Ho Confession

Hullo, I'm the Sprinkler Bandit, and I have a problem.

A beautiful, beautiful problem.

I like boots. All kinds of boots. Lots of them.

At last count, here was the tally:

1) Equifit T Boots originals full set with velcro closure

2) Majyk Equipe Series Two full set of open fronts in black

3) Eskadron fleece lined open fronts full set in brown

4) Blue patent leather jump boots full set

and that's not even including:

5) Heidi galloping boots full set in brown

6) Valena wool-lined full set dressage boots in white


7) full set of Back on Track polos in white

8) full set of Eskadron climatex polos in black

or even:

9) an entire rubbermaid of fleece polos

You'd think with that kind of problem that I'd you know, STOP BUYING SHIT.

But no. That's not how it works around here.

How it works is that facebook tells you Jess is selling some stuff you want but don't need in a size you can't use. And then you message her and find out that she also has your size. And the price is a steal. And she'll ship today. And I need something to assuage the pain of bad dressage scores and remind me I do other things (less poorly, one might hope).

So that happened.


Yeah. I guess message me if you need horse size jump boots? I obviously have kind of a lot.


  1. How do you like the majyk series 2? I have been eying them and the eskadron set (no fleece) for cheaper schoolers but I can't decide. Love the new boots! Jealous!

    1. Like any memory foam boot, they get hard when they're cold. Other than that, they're durable, attractive, and easy to use. I also like how they look--classy without too much hardcore stormtrooper look.

  2. Thanks for always making me feel better about myself.

  3. Boots are lovely, I see nothing wrong with any of this. I REFUSE to part with my fancy Thinline open front leather buckle boots even though we will likely never show in the equitation again. I don't care if all I do with them now is clean them when they get dusty. They're pretty.

  4. I'm saving up, some pretty looking boots are definitely next on my must-have list :) I'm drooling over all these...

  5. I could easily accumulate this many boots if I wasn't so poor. I have more than I need though, so no more boots for a while.

  6. An impressive collection especially given the high quality items! I have a sizable boot collection...but they're all mostly plain ol' splint boots.

  7. Your blue ones are our color. If you're up for selling, I might be up for buying. I also might have issues regarding constantly purchasing new tack...

  8. lol gotta collect them all :)

  9. That is quite a collection. And a lovely collection at that!

  10. Your collection makes me want to give boots another shot.

  11. You're going to LOVE those CWD Equifits. So lovely <3


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