Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Trials of the Somewhat-Difficult Horse

Before moving to our current ammy-focused, mostly-dressage barn, I never had to wonder about what to do with my horse when I was out of town. I had lots of young, brave, riding friends who liked saddle time, and I'd just ask them to pop on once or twice.

and this was after he stood on his back legs and waved at the sky
crossfit legs mean go!
But now ammy-focused dressage-barn, which is great. We fit in well. We're learning and advancing and that is great.


Courage is not always the easiest horse per se. While I was out of town recently, I wanted him to get out of his stall for a bit. I was thinking about which fellow boarder to ask for help, but it kept going like this in my head:

"heya would you plz lunge my horse? sometimes he kicks the walls and squeals and leaps and tries to rip your arms out in between standing on his hind legs and pawing the sky"

"he's way better to ride than to lunge...."

"and yeah you've seen what he does under saddle, sooooo nevermind..."

He's really the sort of horse you have to pay people to handle unless you have a bunch of young eventer friends. Whoops.


  1. I love being at an eventing barn even though I'm very dressage oriented for this reason. They all think Stinker looks like fun.

  2. Yeah most people are afraid of Stampede (is it the height or his antics over the years?)and I don't like how my trainer rides him so he usually gets lunging only vacations when I'm unavailable. One of my friends used to ride him when I was gone but fell off once so I didn't ask again. Oops!

  3. Once upon a time I had some nice, sweet geldings that anyone could - and did - ride, all the time.
    Then I switched to mares. And nobody ever rode my horses again. Because I like my friends and don't want them to die.
    I did put an ex-girlfriend on Gogo once though. She galloped around and around and around the ring doing random flying changes for like 20 minutes, and would. Not. Stop. Needless to say she and I are not still dating...

  4. Yeah B is special. I had my trainer ride him a few times while I was gone but $$ Usually he just gets time off.

  5. Did that with Fi. "Hey, can you hack Fi when I'm . . . hey, get back here!" You have my sympathies.

  6. I rather miss boarding at a barn with eventer buddies. They will ride anything! Very convenient when going out of town. Sydney is a good pony, except the one time I put another rider on her and she dumped them. So, she just gets time off when I have to travel.

  7. This is why I love my BM at my new barn. When I was gone for Thanksgiving, apparently Bobby took great offense to being brought in last and went skyward when she finally got him. I was horrified when she told me this, but she was like, "Oh, it was fine! I just beat him quick and he didn't give me anymore problems!" She also doesn't mind when we're about to go flying sideways into her during his tantrums, so it's a win-win.

  8. Ahaha. Full turnout FTW. There are only two people I'd trust on my horse unsupervised at the barn. But, thankfully, he lives in a field and gives no shits if he gets an extended vacation. When I get back, his training is the same mess I left it in. ;)


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