Friday, April 22, 2016

Behind the (metal) Scenes

I assume you saw the most kickass thing done in show clothes (yet) last week. CONTEST IS WIDE OPEN, SO GET YOUR ENTRIES IN.

What you didn't see is how we got to that level of awesome. 
it all started with pink day...
So I got to Alyssa's house first. She made me sit very still and not talk for a loooooooong time.
but i kept taking selfies anyways.
Then she and Lindsey got to work.
fun times!
wheeee makeup!
 I got bored and wandered around the house taking very metal selfies.
what is happening in this picture
all your soul are belong to us
 Eventually they got bored of me being antsy and made me do my hair.
yes that is her bored face
In case you were wondering, this is what scary Lindsey looks like behind the scenes.

Alyssa didn't take any sass.
my face when Lindsey told me to take my crown off
Then things got a little crazy.
we call him Director Goat
he's very metal
Alyssa busted out the big camera for non-selfie pictures, which you have already seen and will most definitely see again.
takes two goats to direct a red head
this goat also a makeup artist
Lindsey got to run the camera for Alyssa's pictures. She had excellent supervision.

Alyssa is the real metal fan among us, so she was probably a little frustrated at how long it took to get this picture:
wait how do we do metal hands again?
The whole thing was amazing and we are definitely plotting more shenanigans in the future. 
you'll never see us coming


  1. So much ridiculous fun was had by all!

  2. I'm working on ideas!! Hopefully I can get something done. Not nearly as hard core as you girls ;)

  3. I do not have the mettle to be this metal. The goat lends metal credibility.

  4. Omg it's just too incredible. Omg. SAY IM A DEEEEER lololol

  5. If you guys could possibly come run around WEF/Global all metal-ed up, that would be great, k thanks.

  6. This was amazing.

    I wish I'd taken a selfie with the placenta in my show coat. That would have been fucking epic.


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