Friday, April 29, 2016

Male Seeking Soulmate

The other day, I wondered what it would look like if Courage tried online dating. We all know he's a character, and I think it would go a little like this:

Fabulous, fun loving guy searches for height-challenged curvaceous soul mate. 

I'm reformed speed demon learning to love suburban life and luxuries. My idea of a good time is a walk in a safe, well-lit environment, culminating in a review of local theater while enjoying a sampling cookies. The finer things appeal to me--I'd rather shop all day than get dirty. I give great feedback on fashion, style, and art. I love big curves, fun accents, and hard things. Just don't ask me to belay you--I have a deep-seated taphophobia.

Snapchat me! I'd like to check you out.

M seeking M/F/other for romantic relationship or friendship.


  1. HAHA!! "Seeking M/F/other". So. True. But I'm not one to talk about THAT... :,)

  2. Haha! This is great!

  3. I think you are absolutely spot on with this. But, you forgot that he requires the cushiest of socks for his walks ;)

  4. "Seeking M/F/other..." Too funny!

  5. I mean, who DOESNT like a sampling of cookies?!? LOL hilarious


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