Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Try and Fail: Follow Up

Because my addictive personality requires that I obsess over everything and because I realize I a little bit sounded like a princess in my post about Courage and I having troubles, I thought I would clarify a few points here. 
this is good
1) I have a plan. In consultation with an actual vet, Courage is getting his teeth done hopefully this week.

In fact, before consulting said actual vet, I consulted Dr. Google, DVM (through COTH, source of all knowledge), and ran across this factoid:
Teeth problems would (maybe) explain a lot of things. Fingers crossed on this one for sure.

1b) I have taken other advice under consideration--we're ruling out teeth first. Might be behavioral and we can address that as well. Might also be something much worse and scarier, but we'll cross that bridge when/if we get there. My money is on teeth.

2) The showing thing.
clearly not showing
I made a comment that there were no recognized shows for me if this doesn't resolve something like instantly.

That comment was made for a very specific reason.

There are two (count 'em) recognized shows in my area. One is in May, entries due ASAP and the other in in June, entries due shortly. So while I have no doubt we'll have this whole thing sorted out this summer sometime, there exists a very real possibility that it won't be sorted in time to make either show worthwhile for me. Plus, May show will be a very large chunk of change for me and I simply can't justify it if Courage is a wild card.

Which he is. More than normal. Right now.

3) We all know it's not proper obsessing unless it necessitates a tack change.
So we're trying that too. I can't make the dentist happen any faster than the current rate (glacially slow, if you're wondering), but I can try new toys.

How are y'all feeling about the drop?


  1. Oh Courage... He is just wanting new pretty buttery things. My vote is save the show money and use it for tack because even if your horse is an asshole to ride he looks pretty in all tack and that makes you happy (internet stranger's take on life).

    1. Seriously tempted, not gonna lie. Just also love satin and that's a problem.

  2. Definitely save the money. No use going to recognized shows unless your really ready anyways. And unless you plan to show at First Level, since Training level at a recognized show is pretty worthless.

    I love drop nosebands. Fiction does the best in them because he hates a regular flash. I also happen to think they are very flattering for a horse's face.

    1. 100% agree. Not worth it to me to show recognized at training.

  3. I'm glad you have a plan :) Also, something else doesn't have to mean worse and scarier. I always feel much better when I am dealing with a known quantity then the unknown. That way you can tackle it with the best plan available to you. I'm sure you'll get there.

    Re: The showing. I get it. It is all about allocating resources. If you don't feel it is a good use of your money at this time, there will always be another show. Always.

    I know nothing about drops - nothing. Is this a trainer suggested tack change? Would love to learn more.

    Hugs. You have my support. Fingers crossed the teeth happens quickly and solves all.

  4. There's such a thing as real vets?! BUT DR INTERNET LAND KNOWS ALL!! I do really like the look of the drop on him though.

  5. Hadn't thought of teeth! That's a great place to start!

  6. We wouldn't be proper adult ammy horse moms if we weren't obsessing.

  7. All good ideas. Pig is getting kind of bitchy about being brought in recently, and I am 99% sure it's pain related. His stifle is really going to hell in a hand basket. Ugh. Dear vets, take all my money.

    I like the drop. I think they're super helpful, and they do use them on young horses who often have issues with their teeth growing funny or hitting the noseband. Interesting thought.

  8. May be useful, may not be, but...if you're dentist is a vet and you're getting him sedated, might be worth checking he doesn't have a bean in his sheath. Good luck xxx

  9. Teeth can affect EVERYTHING, so hopefully fixing those will help!

  10. Back to ulcers. Have you treated him?

  11. If it didn't involve at least a little playing around with tack I would be seriously concerned.

  12. Have you tried no nose band? I took mine off one day to clean and forgot to put it back on and Bodhi was much more happy in contact. It is always fun to play with new tack. :)

  13. Hopefully it is "just" a teeth issue that is resolved with a good float.


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