Friday, December 30, 2016

Snerk. Sob. 2016 Goals.

I was going to do my usual evaluation of my goals set early in 2016 and see how this year measured up.

But basically, there's no way I can write that post without sounding like a clinically-depressed failure. Believe you me, I tried. And it was like "goddamnit this person sucks and they need to stop". (Noted: concussion not really helping with writing skills at this juncture.)

Anyways. My goals were predicated on 1) Courage maintaining a steady, upwards trajectory in training 2) My finances maintaining or increasing as the year went on and 3) Non-horse things staying relatively stable.

Since none of those things happened, I hit like 2.5 out of 11 goals. That's super bad in terms of goals.

Instead of dwelling on how bad it is, I want to re-assess my goal making process. I took an excellent leadership/goals/cool army shit class one time and we talked about goal making. Good goals need to be:

Specific - no amorphous "i want to feel happy someday", yes "i will train 5x a week"
Measurable - see above. you can't quantify emotions
Achievable - has to be something i control, not relying on a judge's opinion
Realistic - obviously "grand prix 2017" is not happening here
Time Bound - these are annual goals, so something i can achieve in a year

I'm using my limited brain power to put together a more achievable list for next year. Fingers crossed?


  1. I vote you use the concussion as an excuse to forget the entire year. Screw 2016 it sucked. Here is to a better 2017!

  2. I'm not even bothering with a recap or goals post this year, too depressing. My resolution has been the same for years: Drink too much, laugh too loud, live too large. Cheers!

    1. I'm riding this boat too. Tried on two or three separate occasions to recap the past year... And just could do it. Ugh. And goals and I stopped being friends when I broke my leg lol. So yea. We are just sorta floating along hoping for a different 2017. We shall see!! Looking forward to seeing how your reevaluated goals look!!

  3. No where to go but up??? Hoping 2017 is awesome for you and courage too! Feel better! Concussions are the worst!

  4. I'm not the goal setting type, and years like you've had are exactly why. But I try to stay optimistic that things will always get better. It sucks while you wait for it to happen, but it does. Here's to a more positive 2017!

  5. Some years the unexpected really crashes the party. Goals are great, but they definitely don't define success -- you've learned a lot this year, even if you didn't cross stuff off the list :-)

  6. This year is the first year I even semi succeeded by way of goals. I think a lot of people set very unattainable goals and are always left defeated. I'm not saying goals should be so easy they require no effort but they should be doable with commitment and understanding that life sometimes has other plans - so your note about this is a good reminder.

  7. I feel the same about my past year. The things I really wanted to accomplish didn't happen. I do feel like I'm already in a better place to accomplish good 2017 goals though and I'm sure you'll be knocking it out of the park by the end of 2017 :)


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