Thursday, December 8, 2016

An Interruption


As per the usual, nothing is going as planned.

When we left off, I'd just had C seen by his magical body work lady and figured out all our problems and I was SUPER excited. Bodywork was at like 3pm on Friday, body work lady always recommends 24 hours off, but she also said with something that messed up, it may take a second session to get him really sorted out.

Plus, since I think it was a shoe problem, I don't know if he's going to immediately re-compensate for the missing hind shoes and re-pinch the nerve or if his feet are sufficiently tough now and he's ok.
pictured: world's biggest pain pussy

So the plan was to hop on Saturday after 3pm or Sunday and just see what I had. If C wasn't ready to go back to work, he'd get two weeks off and I'd take two lessons a week on other horses in lieu of his normal training rides.

That was my plan at like 5.44pm on Friday night.

And then this happened at 5.45.
I'm the tiny car in the front. As Emma said "world's worst conga line".


I've never been violently rear-ended by a giant truck who thinks driving is a brakes-optional activity before (srsly guys he hit the Yukon so hard it smashed into me and OMG I LOVE YOU YUKON because otherwise.... dayum).

Anyways. I thought I'd take the weekend off and feel good on Monday, but surprise, apparently getting hit by a truck makes me feel like I got hit by a truck. Doctor says I will continue feeling like I got hit by a truck for 4-6 weeks. I say doctor is a hater.

So the whole point of this non-horse related whine is that 1) you should seriously consider not getting hit by trucks and 2) my role as human crash dummy to see if Courage feels good enough to go back to work has been temporarily suspended. I say a week. Doctor says three weeks at minimum.

Given that I get pretty intense pain if I'm even slightly off on my pain med schedule, doctor may have a point, but we're not admitting that to her. TAKE THAT DOCTOR. She wants precious for herself, doesn't she.
precious is ourses. still.

I talked trainer into riding if C was perfect on the lunge line, but then the temps dropped into "freaking obscene omg i refuse" levels. Oh and a winter storm is blowing in today.

So what we have now is Schrodinger's horse. He may or may not be rideable, but I can't get to the box to find out.


  1. NO BUENO.... I am glad that you weren't hurt worse though!! Feel better soon!

  2. OH DEAR. Been there, done that with the getting hit by a truck and it's awful. Glad you are just a bit banged up though and not totally broken! I also got a terrible breakout from the air bag smashing into my face, so that was fun. Maybe the extra time off will have C feeling even better than you hoped?

  3. Being involved in accidents is the absolute worst 😔 hopefully both you and C are back to 100% ASAP!

  4. good lord thank god for the yukon!

    feel better soon and dont fret about courage, he can deal while you rest up.

  5. UGH! So glad you're ok. I got t-boned back in September and I'm STILL hurting. Take care of yourself and don't rush the healing as hard as it is. (I threw my back out the weekend after Thanksgiving and could barely move...because I did too much and my back wasn't healed.)

    Also, get a chiropractor for yourself, if you don't have one already!

  6. OMG, "Schrodinger's horse". I frigging love this! I hope you heal up quick. Getting crunched is no fun. Getting crunched during the holidays makes no fun look like a trip to Disneyland. :(

  7. I've actually hit someone that hard before, although I had a much smaller car. I felt SO BAD about it all. Terrible experience. I'm sorry you were on the receiving end, but glad you're mostly okay.

  8. Schroedinger'a horse. Omg lol. <3

  9. I hope you feel better soon! Hopefully the time off will be good to let Courage get back to 100% too.

    I also commend you for using such a perfect Schrodinger analogy.

  10. I am glad that you were not seriously hurt. Frankly it seems like the universe is telling you to wait.
    I love the Schrodinger reference. Genius.

  11. Blah I am SO sorry you got in an accident and I'm glad it wasn't worse. Feel better soon!!

  12. Oh, ouch! Hope you feel better soon.

  13. Oh no!! I'm so glad you're ok and sending healing thoughts that you feel better soon.

  14. Schroedinger's horse -- HA!

    All the rest -- BOO!

    Heal fast! Hope you feel better soon.

  15. Do not know Schroedinger but glad you are ok! Maybe learn a craft while you're laid up, like competitive hot chocolate drinking or crocheting those pretty ear bonnet things or socks or write everyone you love a Christmas poem :P

  16. I was in a similar 3 car rear-ending a few years ago (I was the front car too). Totally sucked and I wanted to punch the stupid texter that caused it. Glad you're okay.

  17. Listen to your doctor! I have 3 horsey friends who are out for the count for at least 3 months (one out for 6 months) because they didn't listen to their doctors the first time and they rushed back into riding.
    Look after yourself.

  18. Poor Kia. Poor you. If C needed some time off, the universe could have found a less dramatic way to tell you. Sheesh!

  19. Glad you weren't hurt more seriously! I was a gimp last week myself and have been grounded from the saddle from back pain. Hope you heal up faster than expected.

  20. I'm going to pat the next Yukon I see on the nose and say Thank You haha. So glad you're okay and hopefully some time off between the two of you will heal everything <3

  21. Acidents are never fun and things like that are one of the reasons I drive a full size truck. A couple years ago I was literally in the middle of a 5 car game of tag. A car and smal truck in front and two cars behind. I was the biggest and least damaged. Totally worth it.

    Glad you're ok and things weren't any worse.

  22. Oh NO! Glad you're mostly ok, but that really sucks. Hope you're feeling better asap.


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