Monday, September 28, 2009

Test Day

I'm short on time because I'm studying for a test, so I'm sorry if I haven't read and commented on your blog yet--I'll do it tomorrow.

Anyways, what's distracting me from the test is looking for another horse. Not that I can actually have one... Still, I really, really want a 16+H ex-racer TB gelding, any color. No real reason other than that I'm curious about big horses, and I love OTTBs. I DO NOT HAVE time, money, husband's consent, or any other crucial things like that. Still, a girl can dream.

Tack cleaning tonight. :-)


  1. I have been privileged to own four Thorougbreds, only one off the track, though. My PJ was a big boy with a huge heart. Track injuries did cause some training issues, but as long as I kept his chiropractic/acupuncture sessions going, he always gave me his all.

    Tucker and Toby were never on the track, nor was Russell R., but the same intelligence and will shine through. One thing about most TB's I have known is that they never really give up once they are committed to the work. LOVE'em!!!

    By the by....big? Tucker is close to 17h.

  2. I guess I should clarify what I mean by big. All the horses in my life have been 15.2ish hands. Izzy is the biggest yet at 15.3. I love normal sized horses, but I want a go with a bigger one just for funsies.


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