Friday, September 11, 2009

I am so ready for my own saddle

I met a new student of Cathy's today. She seemed very nice and competent. I liked her, all except one thing.

We both were riding horses that used the one ansur saddle.

And where she was a new student and I didn't have a lesson, I obviously bowed out of this competition before she ever knew it was an issue. I don't like other people to feel awkward because they're using something I want to borrow. I thought about doing another lunge session with Izzy, but we already did one this week and I know it's not great for her joints, so I just groomed her well and put her away. She was thrilled.

In other news, one of our boarders has a horse she wanted to event on. He came up lame a couple weeks ago, and the vet's diagnosis was arthritis in the sacroiliac joint, which means no jumping, no serious dressage, nothing. He can still be ridden, but obviously, he'll never do what she wanted to do. She took the poor horse home, but brought out her other. The new boy is an absolutely adorable haflinger pony. I like him. I'll have to take pictures.

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  1. Sorry about that. Once you discover an Ansur, every other saddle is "just a saddle." *L*

    I know I love mine and I think my horses do too. But two of them have never been ridden in anything else since I've owned them, so I have no idea how they would go in a treed saddle.

    If Izzy is like my Boys, a day off suited her just fine.


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