Thursday, January 14, 2010

More pictures

I've had computer difficulties that are finally being worked out, so I actually have more pictures today.

This is Izzy earlier this year, modeling her fancy new bridle. Thankfully, the snow is gone now.

She wasn't standing still well, because she wanted to see what I was doing. I had to tie her up to get a decent picture.

Here is my beautiful bridle in the tackroom.

And my beloved saddle.

Izzy and I are really loving that saddle. Now that I tighten the correctly-sized girth enough, it doesn't slip at all, and it is super comfy to sit in. I'm probably not the best person to ask about comfort, though. I get used to anything.

Apparently, Izzy got out this morning and was galloping around wildly. She had to be caught by the girl cleaning. Naughty pony. She was quietly eating by the time I showed up, though.


  1. I adore my Ansurs, so I'm with you on the saddle. The bridle is lovely and looks great on Izzy. And Izzy??? What can you say about a gorgeous girl like that?

    Have to laugh about having to tie her up for the pictures. I tried taking pictures of the Boys this morning and kept getting full on head shots. I had to snap before all I had were closeups of big fat horse noses. *L*

  2. Very pretty bridle, it frames Izzy's head nicely.

    I have the same trouble with photographing the horses. I get lots fuzzy closeups of noses. Then, when they realize I don't have any food, I get lots of shots of the the other end as they leave!


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