Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Riding Pictures

Here are some pictures from last week. Izzy is a bit behind the vertical in most of these, so don't be too picky. We're working on it.

It's weird that I post pictures so far behind when I actually take them that I feel like we've improved bunches in between shots.

Showing off our new gear: we were testing out a sheepskin pad and flexible stirrups with pretty with dressage boots.
Pretty walking. Note the scary tree shadows.
I'm sorry for the crappy lighting. I didn't want to be too controlling when someone else is graciously taking pictures for me. It's better when the flash is off...

Also, apparently there's a reflective strip on my winter jacket.
It bugs me to have her tail up like that, but I keep reminding myself that I'm keeping it clean and letting it grow in preparation for this summer.


  1. Only comment...chin up. You will be able to use your back better if you do not drop your head.

    Izzy looks great, and so do you. I don't see her behind the vertical except in the walking picture and that's just fine for starting off deep and low. If she is still tense at that moment, she is probably a bit behind your leg, so working on stretching her out is a good idea.
    Otherwise, she is in a nice frame, especially in the second pic. And the others show a nice open throatlatch, so no reason to worry.

    You and Izzy make a really nice pair. Good progress with the bubble of doom despite those evil looking trees. Izzy is quite the girl!

  2. I agree with all Jean's comments - but overall you both look great!

  3. Pretty Pretty girl. You two make a lovely pair!

  4. I truly like! it is true that you should keep your chin up a bit more... but if I think of myself, I always end up looking at my mare's pretty pretty mane! LOL don't bash yourself too much, you are doing great!

  5. Pretty girl! And brave for working in that 'scary' indoor! :)


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